The Managing Committee Members, in their meeting held on 23.5.2002, in veiw=
 of ensuing election for formation of new Government in the State of Goa, r=
esolved to demand public assurance from such contesting parties/candidates =
by 28th May, 2002 in the interest of Comunidades, on the following:

1.    That on formation of the Government in Goa, the undue interference by=
 the Government in the administration of the Comunidades would be withdrawn=

2.    That the new Government shall cause the declaration of the institutio=
n of Gaonkari/comunidades in goa, a National Heritage of indigenous people/=
natives of India, in Goa and shall halt its plunder by every source includi=
ng by the acts and deeds of the State.

3.    That the new Government shall honour and respect the self-governance =
and democratic rights of the Gaonkars/Componentes of the respective Comunid=
ades and shall give due recognition to the provisions of Article 652 of the=
 Code of Comunidades, thereby withdrawing all suo moto so called amendments=
 carried out by the previous Government to the provisions of Diploma Legisl=
ativo No.2070 dated 15.4.1961, after liberation of Goa.

Explanation: Article 652 provides forum for self-determination by conventio=
n of respective delegates, selected by each Comunidade to decide over the a=
mendments, etc. for their good and/or for their own and self progressive go=
vernance, from time to time and not by the State.

4.    To honour and abide by the age old and long standing contractual obli=
gation of the State, towards Comunidades, through the Executive and Judicia=
l organs of the State.

5.    To denounce all frauds played on Comunidades by the previous Governme=
nt since liberation of Goa and cause to restore its legitimate function as =
found established under the existing original law.

6.    To withdraw entirely the operation of the fraudulently applied provis=
ions of G.D.D. Land Revenue Code, 1968, over the land and the villages belo=
nging to the respective Comunidades.

Explanation:  The G.D.D. Land Revenue Code, 1968, was enacted in goa in lin=
e with Bombay and Maharastra Land Revenue Code of 1879 and 1966 respectivel=
y, during the tenure of the Government under Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party=
 in Goa.  This law in Maharashtra deals with or relates to the land tenures=
 granted by the State to the members of the public and which could only app=
ly in Goa in cases where the land was granted under Decree No.3602 dated 24=
=2E11.1917 and such other laws enacted by the State, whereby the State itse=
lf functions as landlord by virtue of such tenure contract executed in favo=
ur of the concerned citizen on consideration for payment of land revenue to=
 the concerned Government.  It is the then mischievous and fraudulent minde=
d bureaucrats that guided the then MGP leaders to cause the survey of the l=
and beyond the scope of G.D.D.L.R.C., 1968, with a view of merger in mind o=
f Goa with Maharashtra State.  This fraud is exploited by every succeeding =
Government till date to the detriment of all people in Goa including the De=
vasthans and Churches, who do not hold any land from the State under any te=
nure as is the case in State of Maharashtra.

All the Gaunkars/Componentes and other members of the public may decide to =
vote in the forthcoming election according to the public declaration or ass=
urance given by the concerned parties contesting and eager to form the next=
 Government in the State of Goa.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

sd/-                                                     sd/-
(POLICARPO C. D'SOUZA)                    (ANDRE A. PEREIRA)
  PRESIDENT                                       SECRETARY

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