AICU President, Vice-president Re-elected

Bangalore: SAR News 

Dr. Maria Emilia Menezes, an eminent industrialist of Goa, was unanimously reelected 
national president of the All India Catholic Union, India's apex laity organisation, 
at elections held at Panaji, Goa, September 15. Dr. Menezes two years ago became the 
first woman to head the Catholic Union.

Mr. John Dayal was also reelected national vice-president for a second term.

In her post-election address, Dr. Menezes said the Catholic Union would continue its 
emphasis on the growth of leadership in the community, with greater participation of 
women, Dalits and youth so that its needs, aspirations and concerns were amply 
reflected in the nation.

The Catholic Union has reaffirmed its commitment to continue the struggle for 
safeguarding secular values in India and to check the growth of fascism, which is 
posing a threat to the democratic polity and unity of the nation.

The restoration of the rights of Christians of Dalit origin, including reservations in 
educational institutions and other spheres, continues to be a major focus of AICU 
activity both at the national level and in the States, she said, adding, as a federal 
organisation, the AICU has pursued the Dalit issue in advocacy in Parliament, 
grassroots mobilisation and through legal forums.

Those elected as presidents of the AICU State units are: Dr. S. Arokiaswami (Tamil 
Nadu), Mr. James Sylvester (Andhra Pradesh) Mr. Vinod Samuel (New Delhi), Mr. Paul 
Albert (Gujarat), Mr. Cletus Dias (Maharashtra), Prof. Anthony Isaac (Kerala Latin), 
Mr. Monte Fernandes (Karnataka), Mr. Victor Ellis (Uttar Pradesh), Ms. Liz Gracias 
(Goa), Ms. Peter Adams (Orissa) and Mr. Winston Samuel (Rajasthan). END

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