A. Veronica Fernandes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
"sadly I was surprised there were no hindus from Goa);" . Let it be
known to everyone and to everywhere in the Goan World t>hat for the good cause of Goa only the Christians worked and fought hard though the benefits of their hard work and hard >fought battles were enjoyed by those who were watching from distance silently.

First of all, I am not surprised to see this hate mail against the decent majority community of Goa on Goanet which is common and disgusting. This is expected on Goanet forum, where facts are sometimes twisted. Let it be known to everyone that if the majority community were not tolerant or agreeable to the demands made by the minority community (30% of Goans), Konkani or Statehood would not have happened. We have Konkani and Statehood because majority of Goans wanted it and not only because of Catholics.

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