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Ramnath G. Naik,
446, Undir, Bandora,
Ponda Goa 403401
Ph. 91-832- 2337009
Dated: 14th Oct. 2005

Text of the speech on "Social damage done by Goa's language controversy and 
conspiracy behind it" delivered at Xavier Centre of Historical Research, Alto 
Porvorim, Goa  on 6th Oct.'05 at 5.30 PM

Namaskar, which means I bow before this gathering. I also kneel before Lord 
Jesus who founded a religious order without caste system just two thousand 
years ago compared to my religion which is supposed to be thousands of years 
old but could not get rid of caste system yet. So do I kneel before His 
Holiness, The Pope for maintaining that caste-less order two thousand years 
later despite pressures from various corners of the world including Goa. This 
day, 6th Oct. I foresee as a historical day when fate of Goans changed the 
course like the day in 1510 when Portuguese landed in Goa. Like the day in 
1763 when Portuguese entered New Conquests giving full commitment that they 
will not interfere with the religious affairs of Hindus. Like the day in 1910 
when Monarchy in Lisbon was overthrown, republic was established and Goans got 
same democracy of contemporary times in Britain. There was a feel of 
renaissance, numerous social institutions, libraries were opened. Base of 
secularism was set and despite intervening dictatorship in Portugal we were 
prepared to receive India and social order under its constitution. Like the 
day in 1961 when we were liberated and came under Indian democracy and the 
constitution. In 1967 we had opinion poll, some won, some lost. In 1987 we had 
official language act. And this day 6/10, I see like the first penetration of 
Berlin Wall of Germany which divided Germany for half a century. Goans too are 
similarly divided last 44 years.

You know, after second world wall, the tyrant of the century or millennia, 
Adolf Hitler and his Nazi forces were defeated. Though the whole world had a 
sigh of relief, world was supposed to be free and Germans suffered immensely, 
a material wall vertically divided Germany. An actual wall that could not be 
crossed next half a century bisected same people, same culture, same language, 
and same sufferings. Any one attempted to cross it was simply shot dead and 
hundreds so died. That is infamous Berlin Wall. Eventually, the wall 
symbolized division of the whole world in Soviet block and American block. The 
tension between the two was called cold war having potential of third World 
War. It continued for half a century having reached boiling point many a times 
in between. After the fall of USSR(Russia), cold war ended and demolition of 
Berlin wall was symbolic of its final end. Exactly, a similar wall has left 
Goans divided last 44 years and that wall is Devanagri Konkani. Its foundation 
was laid in 1967 (opinion poll), final touches were given in 1987 in official 
language act and we are here to assess the damage done to the society. I have 
been banging my head against this wall, every stone in the wall last 15 years 
through my writings. Fortunately, the head is still not broken and, thanks to 
providence, I have been able to penetrate the wall today. No matter I am an 
ordinary citizen, I see the day as historical.  Guarding this wall are, Mr. 
Subhash Velingker of RSS, Madhuker Dikshit of VHP, Manohar Parriker of BJP and 
supposedly most secularist Adv. Uday Bhembrey, Vice-President and Chairman of 
the Intelligent Committee of Congress. Nothing is allowed to pass this side of 
the wall.

Here I must define some words so that there should not be any confusion later. 
I do not know how much you know of Hinduism, but every Catholic knows that it 
is riddled with castes and Saraswats is a caste in it. This caste was most 
powerful, financially strong, intelligent and were de-facto social rulers 
during entire 450 years of Portuguese. Portuguese confined their authority at 
political level and in Adilshahi Palace only. If Portuguese were atrocious, 
they too were atrocious. With  only 2 to 3%  of population but 90% land-
holding, especially in New Conquests, they had all traits of feudalism, 
aristocracy, oppression and suppressions. Equally, they excelled in Education, 
social-cultural activities, literature, music etc. Diametrically opposite 
traits were in same caste. Positive qualities were attributed to Saraswats 
whereas those having negative traits were colloquially called Bamans. The 
term 'Baman" was used in derogatory sense. None called them Bamans on the face 
and none called them Saraswats behind their back. Thanks to official language 
act, they are now well defined. The founder and inventor of Devanagari 
Konkani, late Valauliker has identified them. Those who are having their 
mother tongue as Devanagari Konakni are Bamans. Saraswat word is taboo in 
Devanagari Konkani. Obviously, those with Marathi as their language are 
Saraswats and those with Devanagari Konkani are Bamans. Make no mistake. A 
clear line is drawn between Saraswats and Bamans.The words will be accordingly 
used in my speech. Baman word is no longer derogatory and is now a 
prestigious, legal and authentic word. None should get disturbed for using it.

Coming to our Berlin Wall, Devanagari. Konkani, the referred guards are Bamans 
in their respective representative capacity. They are nurturing and 
strengthening the wall. RSS and its outfits represent Bamans of Maharahstara. 
Here is a strange combination. The qualities of Bamans in Maharahstara and Goa 
are ditto identical. However, the caste of respective Bamans is diametrically 
opposites in Hindu tenets.  The caste in Maharashtra is that of Brahmins which 
are necessarily vegetarians whereas Saraswats of Goa are non-vegetarian. For a 
hard-core vegetarian, non-vegetarian is almost untouchable. But on the Berlin 
wall, they are united and it is most unholy alliance of Bamans of Maharashstra 
and Bamans of Goa.     xxxx While you, Christians all look at the four as 
representing Hinduism, one set as communal whereas the other as secular, they 
actually represent the combined Bamanism of Maharashtra and Goa.

Every aspect of social effects of Language controversy on my Hindu Bahujan 
Samaj has been dealt by me  last 15 years on my side of the Berlin Wall. Every 
one in the game has been named and lead articles were published. No response, 
no reaction. Mr Manohar Parriker, when in power, has been accused as anti-
national, anti-constitution and rabidly casteist. My Marathi book has a 
separate chapter titled "Osama Bin Bhembro" giving all references to 
supplement it. I have another book that I have dedicated to the memory of late 
Shri Laxmikant Prabhu Bhembrey, the father of Mr. Uday Bhembrey. To put in 
short, my Bahujan Samaj has been massacred, butchered and bulldozed. Have you 
assessed the effect on your side? I doubt. Have you seen what is happening in 
Devanagari Konkani class? Overnight, from where Konkani teachers came? What 
they teach? What are Konkani text books? How a new language was suddenly 
introduced at graduate, post-graduate and doctorate level? Who taught them and 
what?  From where required literature came? How many Goans have excelled 
academically at national level? Sorry, I do not see any such analysis despite 
you fought for the language of your choice. And my cries did not reach this 
side. Thanks to Berlin Wall.  At the moment Goa is known globally with number, 
No. 40 which is universally known as the number in the famous story, "Alibaba 
and his 40 thieves." Paucity of time restrains me to give more examples. Final 
visible result is that we have forty thieves at the helm of affairs. I think 
none here will differ.

On 23rd June 2002, Mr. Parriker, the then CM declared that 125th Birth 
anniversary year of one late Mr. Vaman Raghunath Varde Valauliker alias Shenai 
Goembab will be celebrated as the "Identity Year of Goa". Knowing only the 
name of Valauliker and fully conscious of anti-Bahujan Samaj motives behind 
Devanagari Konkani since beginning, Parriker's statement was a blast in my 
head. It must be the same blast, which ultimately prompted revolutionaries to 
face bullets or freedom fighters to face noose around their necks. Valauliker' 
s only name was  known to me till then. Indian mindset requires a deity, a 
God, a sage , some symbol,  or even a roadside stone  to propagate some 
ideology. Valauliker was also presumed to be so. How can the Chief Minister 
who has taken oath under the constitution define the identity of Goa in the 
name of an unknown, undefined person as against numerous legendary figures? 
Next week, my lead article was flashed" It is but Bamani Inquisition". The 
article warned Mr. Parriker that he is creating a situation similar to the one 
in Maharashtra on the eve of assassination of Mahatma Gandhi and that he is 
playing with fire. Further, history will not pardon him for this misadventure. 
Parriker hurriedly called a press conference same day, confused, stammered and 
amended his statement. That, the Government will not celebrate the anniversary 
but Rs. 10 lakhs would be given to a separate committee for the same. Rs.10 
lakhs or Rs.10, made no difference. What the Government had to do with 
Valauliker? I was determined to follow the dead man.

One year sleepless nights, burning gallons of mid-night oil, three months 
leave, I came out with a 200-page book "Conspiracy behind Goa's language 
controversy" Discredit for the book is given to Mr. Parriker. Last sentence in 
the book says, "there is POTA (Prevention of Terrorists Act) in the hands of a 
Baman and Goddess Saraswati has entered my knees. (Ref: Bahaujan Samaj is 
always referred by Bamans as "Dheparam Budhicho") With all fury, ire and rage  
of 44 years at my command, I used the language as "Tit for 40 years Tat" by 

Late Mr. Valauliker was born in Bicholim , Goa in 1877. From his surname, he 
had his origin is Valauli, a village in nearby district of Maharshtra. After 
primary education Marathi and some Portuguese, he migrated to Bombay in 1893, 
at the age of 16 for greener pastures. He completed his matricultion by 1898. 
In this period he learnt that he was not treated as "Baman" in Bombay whereas 
in Goa, even a child at the age of five knew that he is "proud Baman". The 
main reason was Bamans nee Bhahmins of Maharashtra were Vegetarians whereas 
Bamans nee Saraswats of Goa were die-hard non-vegetarians. In 1901/02 he had a 
brief stint as a teacher in Assagao, Mapuca when a Portuguese school inspector 
told him that his language was Konkani and not Marathi. It was Roman Konkani 
Back in Bombay, he works on hypothesis that Non-Vegetarian Bamans of Goa are 
not only Brahmins, but superior to all sub-castes of Brahmins. His praises for 
Portuguese increase. He writes a book in Roman Konkani" How Alfonso de 
Albuquerque conquered Goa?" The book was to be published on the occasion of 
400 th anniversary of arrival of Portuguese in Goa. The manuscript was handed 
over to the concerned committee. But it did not see the light of the day. 
There was revolution in Lisbon, Monarchy was overthrown and republic was 
established. Goans had democracy. Goans were overjoyed. Numerous social 
institutions were formed. Valauliker keeps low. But his "research" continues. 
Ideas take shape. As dictatorship of Salazar takes roots, he is active. 
Konkani is the language of Bamans of Goa. They were in highest positions in 
various courts in history of Maharashtra but were never rulers themselves. 
They must have their own nation of entire Konkan, with capital at Goa and rule 
in their language. The word "Maharashtra" is used in the context of Indian 
nation and not present day Maharashtra. Beyond his "Maharashtra", there is 
only Indian sub-continent. These thoughts are in the third decade of last 
century. Independence of India was not in sight, democracy or linguistic re-
organization of states were not even dreamt of. He refers to Jews who were 
wandering throughout the world enslaving themselves to various languages of 
the world. He has no much knowledge of then Goa, He assumes almost 50% Goans 
to be his Bamans, Geographically, his Dudhsagar waterfall is on Kali river of 
Karwar and from that mount, one can see  Loutolim is a beautiful island. 
Unlimited contradictions. In 1942, he proposes Devanagari script for Konkani, 
till the it is only Roman. He has not touched a single social or political 
subject from 1893 to 1946 (till his death). This is the period when modern 
history of India, both political or social was formed and in Bombay where he 
lived and eventually died. Mahatma Gandhi or Dr.Ambedker are his 
contemporaries. He is not touched by any thought of freedom struggle of India 
or Goa. In contemporary times, a social movement for eradication of Devadasi 
system  (hereditary prostitution and system nurtured by Saraswats then) 
prevalent in Goa is on peak. In Bombay,Valauliker justifies it in most foul 
language. The Devadasis of Goa , he says, are better than pious ladies of 
Maharashtra. So much hatred towards India camouflaged under Maharashtra.

This is the man in whose name Mr. Parriker defined identity of Goa. For 
Chandrakant Keni, he is tall man among pygmies. Dr. Nandkumar Kamat calls him 
Father of Konkani nationalism. Same Kamat dreams of internetting 6.5 million 
Konkani-speaking people when Goa's total population is only 1.3 million. What 
Valauliker has written are Masterpieces to Mr. Aravind Bhatiker, the retired 
IAS officer of GOI. For Datta Damodar Nayak of Lokshakti, he is "Mahapurush".  
But for this Valauliker, Dr.Tanaji Halarnker snaps the heritage of his 
forefathers. He compares Valauliker with Budha,Jesus or Prophet. However 
Tanaji  does not snap his first name which belongs to a brave Maratha Saradar 
of Chhatrapati Shivaji. RSS, VHP, BJP and of course Pradesh INC remain silent 
on this identity.  Yes, for this identity, I , mean my Bahujan Samaj has been 
humiliated in worst language  for being Marathi continuously for last 40 
years.  I am a stooge , boot-licker, slave, shameless and numerous filthy 
epithets for calling myself a Marathi man. Maharashtra of today was formed 
only in 1960, one year before Goa. Never in history, Maharashtra had definite 
geographical boundaries. My language is Marathi and I have no relation 
whatsoever with Maharashtra. For Hindus of Goa, Marathi is the first Veda. I 
am the sole interpreter of Hinduism as far as the constituent of Secularist 
society is concerned. RSS,  formed in 1925 did not come to the rescue of 
Hindus of Goa till 1961.  Whatever aberrations of 16th Century, today I stand 
on Hinduism, Marathi and Secularism inherited from Portuguese and none else. I 
have neither read Hindu scriptures nor Bible. But walking a path of a KM with 
candle in hand in the evening with the statue of Mother Mary with same 
solemnity and devotion as that of carrying Ganesh idol in childhood, 
continuous association with Catholic colleagues from school to this day is 
enough for me to understand Christianity. Had Portuguese been as brutal as 
Bamans, there would not have been a single Hindu today. More than 1 lakh 
copies of Marathi newspapers are sold in Goa as against a couple of thousand 
of Devanagari Konkani. Nearly 50-50 lakhs are given to Devanagari Konkani and 
Marathi each. First is to develop Devanagari Konkani and second is to kill 
Marathi. Entire intellectual class of Hindus is corrupted and polluted. Here I 
see Virgin Intelligentsia not touched by the grants for the Languages and 
expect to look at the issue objectively and without prejudice. Here my heart 
pains. Throughout, Catholics fought for identity of Goans, whatever way they 
defined it. But no eyebrows were raised when, otherwise communal Parriker 
declared Goa's identity in the name of Valauliker alias Shenai Goembab.

I have limited time. A will answer all related questions. To conclude, the 
Berlin Wall, Devanagari Konkani must be demolished, razed to ground. Till the 
morning of 6th Feb.1987, Konkani meant Roman Konkani only. On 7th morning , we 
were to have Devanagari Konkani and are burning in it ever since. Valauliker, 
who was buried in Bombay once and surfaced in Goa after 1961 must be re-
interned once again and here once for all. Then only Goa and Goans will be 
able to dream for better future. (Speech Ends)

The speech was not read. It is audio/video recorded.

There was nearly hour-long question-answer session. A copy of the 6-page 
letter dt. 12/01/04 addressed to Mr. Luizinho Faleiro, the then President of 
Pradesh Congress Committee and a 4-page note on "Conspired mis- 
interpretations of Official language act 1987" were circulated to the audience.

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