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  Hi, All!

         I agree with Senhor Bernado Colasco about the need to educate
Anglos about Goa and debunk the misleading articles and books written by them.

         We have Anglo-Australians who visit Goa for a month but reckon they
know   all about that sorrowing land  --  this without  carrying out any     
indepth research.  After such a short stay in Goa, they pose as experts and 
write a   load of bull.

         Even if some of us detest Portugal , we must give the devil his
due: Portugal has devoted a lot of resources to study Goan History. A
visit to the National Musuem @ Lisboa will confirm the extensive and
intensive study made there re:  Goa.  Even after being  hounded out, the 
Portuguese are   continuing to explore all aspects of Goanity:- culture,
   socioeconomic   structure,  political identity, etc.

         As for Indian scholars, they distort the history of our land.
Much of what  these pseudosocialscientists  write is really social
engineering to brainwash and "re-educate" our children and youth.  Children @
schools in   Goa attend regular (even daily) assemblies and cultural clinics
where they   are programmed to salute the flag of the invaders,  shout "JAI
 HIND!" and   sing 'Jana Gana Mana'.

         The methods the Indian Occupiers use are similar to those used by
 the Indonesian invaders before they were driven out by the East Timor. Timor
Leste today is a poverty-striken State with a population of only one million  
but the Timorese prefer freedom to bowing  to foreigners and kissing their 
bloody  feet. .

         Imperialism today is no longer just White but of all hues:-
Yellow Imperialism in Tibet, Black Imperialism in Nigeria and Brown 
Imperialism in   Goa, Jammu,  Kashmir, Nepal, Bhutan, etc.  Nobody's hands are

         Unless Goans unite and stand for their rights, Goa will continue to  
be an  unhappy land like Iraq, West Papua, etc.



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             > Dear Gentleman,
             > Congratulations on your post. Most of the historical
             > nonsense about Goa comes from the Anglo Saxon rascals.
             > And this indeed to suit their ends.
             > Our own historic in Portugal is also a part of this
             > scheme.
             > B. Cola├žo

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