Domnic Fernandes continues (Part III) his reminiscence of
                       Mapusa of the 1950s

Headline:  Foreign reporter in fly-over land
By: Peg Meier
Source: 10 April 2006.  Star Tibune (Minneapolis) at


For 20 years, Fred de Sam Lazaro has been a St. Paul-based correspondent
for public television's "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer." He has reported
from some of the poorest and most remote, exotic and dangerous parts of
the world …  

De Sam Lazaro was born in India 49 years ago. His father married twice
and had six children with each wife. Fred was the 12th. The family name
is Portuguese. His father, Bernardino de Sam Lazaro, was from Goa, a
tiny Portuguese enclave on India's west coast. Bernardino grew up in
poverty with only a third-grade education and became a street musician
at 13. His career blossomed in the 1920s and '30s in Shanghai, China,
where he manufactured "Sam Lazaro" pianos …

The family fled Mao's regime in 1951. His mother graduated from medical
school in India. She didn't practice in China, but to support the family
later in India, she hung up her shingle and started a maternity clinic.
More incredible, her son says, she was determined to practice medicine
when the two of them moved to California in 1975. "She was bored out of
her wits at age 57 or 58 and hadn't realized how expensive it was to
live in America," he said. She passed her boards on her first try and
hand-wrote letters to the directors of 75 residency programs. Three
agreed to accept her, and she chose Warren, Pa., where she worked until
shortly before she died … 

Lehrer said that while de Sam Lazaro is valued for the breadth of his
knowledge and interests, "his reports from India are particularly
special for us because most of the rest of the U.S. journalism world is
seldom, if ever, there."

For full text, 1203 words,  see

[Fred’s parents are from Margao and Mapuca. He lives in Saint Paul with
spouse, Kay, and three children.  In recognition of his work, Fred was
awarded an honorary doctorate by St John's University, in Minnesota].
For the First Holy Communion photo of Fred check out

For the link to some of his reports see.
For the link to some of his reports about India see
In particular, check out his report “FAVORING BOYS IN INDIA”  which is
available in print, audio and video formats by going to

Another prominent Goan journalist in the US who comes to mind is Bertram
De Souza. The American Journalism Review ran a feature article [3408
words] profiling him. Extracts: De Souza arrived in the United States in
1969, an eager 19-year-old from Kampala, Uganda … In 1972, after
obtaining his bachelor's degree in journalism at Kansas State
University, he lost his home … De Souza's parents and sister fled to
England, his brother to Canada. Bertram De Souza remained in Kansas … He
sent out 300 résumés before receiving a call from the Vindicator editor.
…His opponents have urged him for years to "get on his elephant" and go
back to Africa or India. Others privately spew derogatory epithets for
Indians. For links to his photo and full text of the article see


Eddie Fernandes

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