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Verna highway turns into dumping ground (Gomantak Times)

By A Staff Reporter

VASCO: The highway road at the Verna Industrial Estate has turned into a
dumping ground as huge quantities of waste is being unloaded on either
side of this road, which includes plastic, hotel waste, medical waste
like syringes, needles, empty bulbs of injections, bottles and other

During the last heavy showers, this waste was washed down to Rasaim in
Loutolim village, polluting the nullahs and wells in the area.

Residents from here had last year raised the issue at the 'gram sabha'
and also complained that cattle had died in the village and post-mortem
reports confirmed that the animals had died after consuming waste

The residents had then forced the panchayat to inspect the site and
demanded to put a stop to the problem, but now unscrupulous elements
have found the highway an easy site to dispose their waste, they

With waste being disposed by the hotels and hatchery owners at this
site, there has been an increase in the number of stray dogs. Residents
often complained that these dogs often attack humans and kill domestic

It may be recalled that the problem was also brought to the notice of
the local MLA Aleixo Sequeira at the function held to lay the foundation
stone for the Goa Chamber of Commerce administrative building at the
industrial estate, by chief minister Pratapsing Rane, when the MLA
requested the CM to have a site for the disposal of wastes at the
industrial estate.

The Verna Industrial Estate is the biggest in Goa, but sadly doesn't
have a garbage disposal site. (ENDS)


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