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Is it just me or does anyone else think that Goa
police are imbecilic morons? Everytime I read a crime
story in Goa, I somehow picture a Bollywood style
policemen, wearing Hawaldar pants, twirling his
mustache and hoping to come across a villain who
utters the infamous line "Prem hai mera naam, chori
mera kaam".

The only detective tool available to police seems to
be those hapless police dogs which appear on the scene
whether it be a robbery, rape or murder. What are
those dogs supposed to do exactly? Anyone with half a
brain operating, knows that sniffer dogs will sniff a
trail only if they have a scent to pursue. Can we
assume that the robbers or murderers dropped off their
jackets at the police station prior to proceeding on
their way to rob Mr & Mrs Amit Gaunkar?

Come on chaps, get with it. What about sketch artists?
What about fingerprints? What about some forensics,
however basic they maybe. If you can't manage to get a
team trained in forensics, I suggest you rent the
enter season of CSI, available on DVD and make your
short-pant clad Hawaldars watch it.

I once had the pleasure of observing security detail
being put in place for a "tight-security" operation.
There was a chain of police that stretched from the
Zuari bridge all the way upto Vasco city. Ofcourse
there was a one mile distance between each policemen
and none of them had a walk-talkie. In the event some
terrorist was spotted by a cop, I'm assuming there
would be a relay race all the way to the police

The crime rate in Goa is soaring faster that the price
of fish. At least give those dogs a dog biscuit. I'm
sure they take their jobs far more seriously than our


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