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Hi Francis
Thanks for your algebraic dexterity. I think it would be too much for our resident sage in the Rust Belt. Incidentally, wherabouts are you located? Do let me know privately if appropriate.
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Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2006 6:33 AM
Subject: [Goanet] RE: CORRECTION: Boiling Temp: Equation:

I've received a number of requests to reprint our sage's eminent proof - it seems that not only are there many mathematically curious souls on Goanet, but that the math symbols turned gibberish on some computers. I have to confess I pasted our sage's proof directly from the 'Toledo Observer's' pdf files, hence the carry-over of code for the symbols. I'm re-typing his proof, trust you will take note of his vast knowledge:

Given:    a + b = c.
Reverse: c = a + b.
This can also be written as:
(4c - 3c) = (4a - 3a) + (4b - 3b).
After reorganizing:
3a + 3b - 3c = 4a + 4b - 4c.
Taking the constants out of the brackets:
3(a + b - c) = 4(a + b - c).
Remove the same term left and right:
Thus  3 = 4.

With regards,
Cornel to Mario:
Also, please stop kidding us about your science knowledge and nonsense...
...provisionally constructed knowledge, as a heuristic device to make sense of
chaos in the world including that 2+2=4.

Mario to Cornel:
Your pictures are excellent, so we'll allow you a
little vanity.  But, remember, like the sum of 2 + 2,
this, too, is "provisional", and we will not hesitate
to puncture your vanity if conditions change :-))

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