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Dear Cornel,
First of all, let me state that I too am against
evangelisation of any sort by any religion or
religious sect or pseudo-religious sect. I have always
said that if someone wishes to worship a stone and
believe that that stone has the ability to impact his
life, by appropriate propitiation, then so be it.

Having said that, I found MV Kamath's letter strangely
uncomfortable. The words were ill-chosen and
unfortunately incendiary. I googled to see what
exactly the Pope had said which got MV Kamath all
riled up. The Pope is talking about conversions that
take place in India voluntarily. And it is the moral
right of every human being to convert if he so

I don't have any statistics on how many forceful
conversions take place in India. I know that a lot of
Catholic missionaries are doing wonderful work in the
rural areas, and there is a sort of "food for God"
ideology practiced sometimes, but this is such soft
pedaling that it should hardly garner the wrath very
often expressed by, yes, Hindu fundamentalist.

MV Kamath, writes this in his letter:
The Pope owes an apology to Hindus and to India on
bended knees.

Really, did Hindu religious authorities offer
apologies to Christians or the Pope, when they saw fit
to burn Australian missionary Graham Staines and his
two sons. Do they offer apologies when they rape nuns,
attack Catholic schools, hospitals and churches. Even
in Goa, the insidious tumour of hate has taken seed.

Atrocities have been carried out in the name of
religion for centuries now. It's about time we stopped
in the name of God. 


> Goanetters,
> The people of Goa have demonstrated muscle over the
> Da Vinci Code whether we 
> agree with this or not, and the mechanism by which
> this was achieved.  I now 
> sincerely hope that, such muscle will be shown
> against the highly risky and 
> misguided business of the Catholic Church in its
> assertiveness over 
> evangelisation in India.
> I had discussed this issue previously but the
> recently reported concern and 
> anger on this matter, as expressed by MV Kamath, has
> to be taken very 
> seriously. I therefore want to place my extreme
> concern over this issue, for 
> the record on Goanet, even if I am very much in the
> minority. The debate on 
> the temple/church issue (hopefully temporarily
> exhausted), is insignificant 
> compared to the monster being officially unleashed
> by the Church in a highly 
> volatile India over religion.
> Cornel 
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