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--- cornel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> However, my real worry is about the assertive
> stance of the Catholic Church to evangelise in 
> India/Asia etc. I do not want this precisely for 
> the reasons you have identified. This generates real
> fear in me because the approach is pretty 
> provocative I think.
Mario observes:
I thought you were the one who is receptive to all
kinds of knowledge all of which you consider to be
provisional.  Now you are telling us that someone 
else in India or Asia being provided with knowledge
about Christianity is "provocative" and somehow
"generates real fear in" you.  
What is "provocative" about one being provided with
information that one can choose to accept or deny, as
long as this not done in an aggressive, coercive or
personally intrusive way?
Fear?!  What are you fearful of?  Are you trying to
skew the debate with such verbal histrionics?  
I think what you really fear is that they will become
Christians and accept the rock solid Christian moral

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