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--- Elisabeth Carvalho wrote:
> Dear Mario,
> I don't know how well you know Marlon but I've known
> Marlon Menezes for 7 years and counting, and yes he
> does support numerous causes, especially in Goa.
> While we constantly take liberties at belittling 
> another people's points of view or arguments, 
> please let us stop short of belittling other 
> people's character, reputation and achievements. In 
> all the years that I've know Marlon, he's never 
> treated me with disrespect and that is as Christian 
> as one gets.
Mario responds:
I'm glad to hear that Marlon treats YOU with respect,
which you will have to agree is a pretty small sample,
not to mention an apparent shared disbelief  of
religion and/or Christianity.  I suggest you read his
past posts more carefully to see why your sympathies
may be misplaced.  You may find your comments should
have been better aimed at your friend, young Marlon,
whom I studiously try to ignore, while he continues
his relentless highly  personalized abuse, until I
notice something particularly egregious in the
I really don't need to "know" Marlon or how he treats
one person or the causes he ostensibly supports.  Good
for him if he does.  Are you suggesting that
compensates for what he writes on Goanet?
I made my point pretty clearly in
only to receive the now predictable generalities that
ignore every specific point I have made.  Am I
supposed to be impressed?

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