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My son is schooling in Indian Embassy school in Saudi Arabia. He is in STD 
VIII.- CBSE Board.  Many of our family friends sent their children to India 
to continue their studies from STD VIII in India thinking that they will 
have problems later on because of NRI quota.

Therefore, may I take your advise or suggestion please whether I can send my 
son to Goa from  NINETH or sent him to Goa to continue his studies from VIII 
or is it better to complete his TENTH HERE  and then send him to Goa for 
further studies. If he completes TENTH here and then sent him to Goa for 
further studies, will there be any problem to get the admission in the college 
for 11th.  Do you think any problem may arise for NRI quota?

I would be very thankful and grateful if you could kindly advise me on the 
above by return mail as I would be leaving to India on vacation by end of 
this month so that I can be prepared for my decision based on your 

Many thanks, especially for sending me Goa news regularly and keep us 
informed what is happening in Goa.

Saudi Arabia.

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