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Hi Aubrey,

Thanks for the info. Please email me Errol's phone #.

Also, I copied you in the email just to make it very clear to you that Good 
Ole Goalkeeper Leo Pinto is a GOAN - a son of Goa and a son-in-law of 

Later, some years down the road, I don't want you to put on the Internet 
that Leo Pinto is an East Indian from Bandra. We may be separated by a few 
continents Aubrey - but our seventh standard Goan - East Indian rivalry is 
still alive. It continued in Dallas in the nineties where as a Stanislite I 
was outnumbered 3 to 1 by Keith and Kevin Dias and Richard D'Silva (BTW all 
these East Indian guys have Goan wives, FYI)

I personally met good ole Leo Pinto in December and got all the facts. I 
have still to verify your old claim that Cedric Pereira is an East Indian. I 
believe he lives in Western Australia these days.

Of course it was the East Indian Gomes family from Bazar Road that helped me 
a Goan to hone my goalkeeping skills esp Timmy (Hilary Gomes) and Wency at 
Stanislaus. Also  please note that current India Hockey Goalie Adrian 
D'Souza is neither a Goan nor an East Indian - he is a Mangalorean. 
Otherwise you may claim him too and put him in your list. We got to be 
careful that our Goan - East Indian rivalry doesnt go too far, otherwise the 
enterprising Mangies (like Denzil Rego, etc.) will take over Bandra.

BTW I heard thru the grapewine that enterprising Stanislite Santosh Shetty 
is selling East Indian Bottled Masala and other spices in Hamilton, Ontario. 
So why are you guys not hawking your own stuff ? Once we Goans get our hands 
on that, then our sorpotel will become more reddish and zestier than yours. 
BTW, Keith, Kevin and Richard are all enjoying the Goan sorpotel these days. 
They appear to have lost the reddish, zesty East Indian formula - unless 
Santosh Shetty can help them out.

I hope I have stirred you up and the melting pot of Bandra sorpotel enough, 
Aubrey ....

Best Regards,


>From: Aubrey Pereira <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Subject: Dear Carmo........................Aubrey
>Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 13:27:31 +0100 (BST)
>Dear Carmo,
>I spoke to Errol today,he lives in Bhayender. I doubt he has much
>time in in life to know who is Vanessa Netto.
> > Hi Errol,
> >
> > Just read of a promising Women's Hockey Goalkeeper
> > Vanessa Netto from Hill
> > Road, Bandra - she was featured on a Mid-day edition
> > on the net.
> >
> >
> > see mid-day link below:
> >
> >
> > Now who is Vanessa Netto ?
> >
> > Is she related to you Errol  ? since you once played
> > in goal and since your
> > maternal family has a long goalkeeping tradition -
> > being a family of St.
> > Stanislaus hockey goalkeepers - Wency Gomes, Hilary
> > "Timmy" Gomes, Clarence
> > "Clarry" Gomes and Percival "Percy" Gomes ? I would
> > sure like to know.
> >
> > Also please tell us more about Food Fantasies.
> >
> > I am delighted to know that Vanessa Netto is keeping
> > Bandra's hockey
> > goalkeeping tradition alive. This was started by
> > Good Ole Leo Pinto in the
> > 1948 London Olympics. Although he was born in Kenya
> > - he hails from a family
> > from Camarcazana, near Mapusa, Goa - he married
> > Janet who was a East Indian
> > from Bandra and is settled there, near the Mt Mary
> > steps. I last met him in
> > Dec. He is going strong at 93.
> >
> > Go Vanessa...
> >
> > Best Regards,
> >
> > Dr. Carmo D'Cruz,
> > Stanislite, Class of 75
> > Indian Harbour Beach, Florida.
> >

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