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Rane rolls back hike in water tariff 
The state government today decided to rollback the water tariff 
for domestic consumption to the rates prevailing in 2002. The decision 
to this effect was taken at a joint meeting of the Chief Minister, 
Mr Pratapsingh Rane and the PWD Minister, Mr Ramakrishna Dhavalikar, 
thereby dropping the controversial water tariff hike notification, which was 
made effective from October 1, 2005.

The decision was taken after the Congress Legislature Party (CLP) meeting 
held earlier at the Chief Minister's official residence at Altinho, here, 
protest over the water tariff hike and demanded that the tariff be rolled back.

Mr Rane later summoned Mr Dhavalikar and held meeting and finalised the 
decision. The notification scrapping the earlier controversial notification 
will be 
issued by tomorrow.

Mr Rane told 'The Navhind Times' that he had given an assurance to rollback 
the hike in the water tariff in the budget session of the assembly. He said 
consumers, who had paid the enhanced water tariff from October 2005, 
will be refunded.

Mr Rane asked the general public to approach the public works department for 
seeking refund. He also said that the bills in the enhanced rate which have 
already issued to the consumers will be rectified by the PWD.

The domestic and other small consumers, like student hostels, hospitals, 
dispensaries, and so on, which are not falling within the purview of the Goa, 
Daman and Diu Shops and Establishment Act, 1974, educational institutions 
and recognised charitable trusts and institutions will have to pay Rs 2.50 per 
cubic metre for first 20 cubic metre.

While the second slab, consisting of those consuming water above 20 cubic 
metre have to pay Rs 5 per cubic metre per month. The minimum charges is 
Rs 30 per month.

In respect of registered and unregistered co-operative housing societies, 
which have been given a single water supply connection covering large number 
of residential flats, the basis for the tariff will be number of flats in the 
society and not the single house service connection given for example in case 
one house service connection for 50 residential flats in the co-operative 
society will be charged Rs 2.50 for first 20 cubic metre and above 50x20 
cubic metre will be charged at the rate of Rs 5 per cubic metre.

It may be recalled that the government during October 2005, had changed the 
first slab into four slabs and fixed a tariff of Rs 2.5 per cubic metre for 
first 15 
cubic metre. The second slab was Rs 5.50 per cubic metre for consumers 
who consume water above 15 cubic metre to 50 cubic metre. The third slab 
was Rs 12 per cubic meter for those consuming water between 50 cubic metre 
to 65 cubic metre. While the those consuming above 65 cubic metre the tariff 
was Rs 30 per cubic metre.

Besides, the government had also directed the co-operative housing societies 
to register themselves within six months, threatening to discontinue their 
connection. This had triggered a protest from the state unit of the Youth 
as well as from the opposition BJP.
The Navhind Times 14/06/06 page 1
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