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   Altough a relative newcomer to GOANET and, as such, lacking the weight 
  and gravitas of the many stalwarts of several years, I would like to add my 
  feeble voice to endorse strongly the very sane view point on the subject 
  expressed by M/s Elizabeth Carvalho and Dr.Francisco Colaco.
  Temples of one religion have been built over by members of other religions 
  since times immemorial: the Romans built on Greek sites, many Roman 
  churches were built on the sites of Roman pagan temples and in the USA,
  hundreds of homes have been built on the sites of American Indian burial
  grounds, more hallowed to them than churches to us or mosques   to Muslims.
  So, this is a somewhat sterile discussion that leads nowhere and can only 
  insufflate passions and perhaps, engender the rise of myths, like the one of 
  the Chosen People  "ordained by Divine Fiat" to possess a certain piece of 
  which they therefore feel entitled to appropriate by dispossessing existing
  legitimate owners, driving them to misery.
  Let us concentrate instead on matters of import concerning our country, 
  facing an unprecedented onslaught from occupation by outsiders in outsize 
  numbers, etc.
  Hoping I  do not appear too censorious, would it be possible for the editors
  to ensure that there is a civil discourse in discussions on any topic? and  
  the use of intemperate language is vetted?

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