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San Jao festival in Goa from June 24
Press Trust Of India / Mumbai/ Panaji June 22, 2006

Various programmes have been planned for Goa's traditional San Jao
to be celebrated on June 24.=20

"As per mythology, on this day St John de Baptista took a leap in his
mother's womb. This leap was considered to be a leap of joy. This
festival derives its name from the saint and people celebrate this day
by jumping into lakes, wells and rivers across the state," said Fatima
d'Sa, chairman,=20
Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC).=20

GTDC has lined up various activities to mark the occasion.=20
"We will celebrate this festival on a river cruise Santa Monica which
will have splash dance and other activities," she said.=20
Brass brand, a local band, would entertain the guests as the cruise
would take them along Diwar and Chorao islands, in Mandovi river, she




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