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Now and then, hockey gets a mention on this forum.
True, Bandra has a big reputation for producing hockey
players both in men's and women's.
Having covered hockey for many years for some of
Mumbai dailies and also for The Sportstar, I can say
that Bandra is to Mumbai what Sarangpur (hope I got
the name right) is to Punjab. The only difference
between the two places is that the Punjab village has
contributed more to the Indian team than Bandra.
Hockey lives in Bandra more than anywhere else in good
ole Mumbai. Having been out of Mumbai for more than
two decades, I assume the tribe of hockey players in
Bandra continues to grow.
Bandra was (is?) the home of Lusitanians, the team
that brough the Goan hockey prowess to the forefront
in the old days. The club's recent history is not so
Nice to know Leo is still guarding his net at age 93.
It was always been a pleasure to listen to him during
the few times we spoke. Same goes to Johnny Pinto, the
most "hurt" player in India's hockey history.
It was always fun to discuss and compare Leo to other
Goan goalkeepers just as Sacru and later Olympio.
According to many observers, Leo was incomparable to
the other Goans and, in fact, to many who donned India
I have no recollection of seeing Leo in action, but I
probably saw him when I went to the games as a child
with my dad. 
Since I didn't see Leo play, my favourite remains
Laxman. I haven't seen Indian players in live action
on a field after 1983, but watched the Indian team on
TV at a few international tournaments. I also follow
the hockey scene reading Indian papers on the web, and
The Sportstat.
I hope Bandra remains the nursery of Mumbai's hockey
and make more contributions to the Indian team.

Eugene Correia

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