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I would agree with Marcos, Elizabeth and other like
minded individuals that there is no point in
discussing the issue of the destruction of Hindu
temples. As long as we acknowledge the facts, there is
really no need to turn back the clock or seek

I think the real issue is that some self appointed
defenders of the Catholic church seek to spread
falsehoods about historical events, which I would tend
to argue serves to further inflame passions of
religious intolerance. I feel it is very important to
counter such irresponsible statements immediately, for
failure to do so can only foster a climate of distrust
between the various religious communities. 

The consequences of recent inaction can only been seen
in how the church as suffered as a result of its
in-action in dealing with the issue of child abuse by
some clergy. Decades of coverups and the failure or
fear of dealing with the truth has resulted in severe
financial burdens on the church, not to mention a
significant loss in its credibility.  The church has
on many occassions played a very positive role in
society, but the hard and dedicated work by the
majority of its truly devoted members has been
significantly diminished by the irresponsible actions
and comments of a few. 


--- Jean & Marcos Catao <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>    Altough a relative newcomer to GOANET and, as
> such, lacking the weight 
>   and gravitas of the many stalwarts of several
> years, I would like to add my 
>   feeble voice to endorse strongly the very sane
> view point on the subject 
>   expressed by M/s Elizabeth Carvalho and
> Dr.Francisco Colaco.
>   Temples of one religion have been built over by
> members of other religions 
>   since times immemorial: the Romans built on Greek
> sites, many Roman 
>   churches were built on the sites of Roman pagan
> temples and in the USA,
>   hundreds of homes have been built on the sites of
> American Indian burial
>   grounds, more hallowed to them than churches to us
> or mosques   to Muslims.

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