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From the latest issue of GoanVoice UK http://www.goanvoice.org.uk


There has been an interesting discussion on the origins/development of
unusual Konkani words. There seem to be so many words with so many
nuances--some of which GV (UK) readers may find hard to believe.

Have readers ever wondered why foeticide is almost non-existent in
Goa? Do read some interesting comments on this issue by Elizabeth
Carvalho and also her views about pressure in some quarters for women
to wear the Salwar Kameez.

An article submitted by Andrew but written by MV Kamath, he is
stridently critical of the Pope. This relates to the Pope's criticism
to the Indian Envoy in the Vatican that he (the Pope) had been seeing
"disturbing signs of religious intolerance" in India. Kamath roundly
criticises the Pope in these terms " There is nothing reprehensible
and unconstitutional in passing laws banning conversion; for years,
India has been too liberal and allowed conversion to be carried out.
Conversion is not about human rights. It is an assault on the dignity
and self-respect of an ancient civilisation that cannot be tolerated."
Without a doubt, this matter will be ratcheted further and we will see
angry exchanges. GV(UK) readers are encouraged to present their views
to Goanet.

Wikipedia is the online encyclopaedia that anyone can edit.
Wikipedia's come-one come-all invitation to write and edit articles,
and the surprisingly successful results, have captured the public
imagination. Now, there is an interesting debate on Goanet on this

Finally, do follow a long article by Godfrey Gonsalves on fake medical
doctors in Goa. There is much room for thought on this issue and
advice is provided on the best ways to avoid them.

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