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I am catching up with my email and noticed Fred's
comment about having more specific sections on Goanet.

Is anyone interested in an investing/trading section?

I have got some valuable trading tips from other Goan
groups that I am a member of. Since we have members
all over the world, I am sure we will be able to pick
up some interesting local insight. I am especially
interested in the Indian stock market.

On the Tanzanite-Goan group, some people took my
suggestion to buy a Canadian listed company that is
exploring for minerals in Tanzania. The stock has gone
from 25 cents US a few years ago to US$8.00 today. In
other words, a US$5,000.00 risk would be worth
US$160,000.00 today. 

I am sure that there are people in this group who
would have interesting trading/investing info.


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