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Dear Prof. Cornel,

I cannot accept your unilateral and "cordial peace". And you cannot and should not accept my apologies while still believing that I twice responded to you with an "unmistakable sting in the tail".

Instead, you could have responded to my apologies with your own apology, in regard to your ironic and offensive remark you made about me and the Goan Observer. Why instead accuse me, again, of a waspish attitude?

I have tried my best to engage positively with you, including offering my sincere apologies. Unfortunately, I now feel you were not even able to accept my apologies in an honourful way.

Thank you to all who have tried to sort out this supposed "misunderstanding".


PS: Interesting how, instead of discussing my points in "Journalism in Portuguese India 1821-1961", we have come to this. Those still interested might read my piece at


Hi Helga
Constantino and I made our peace very very quickly and cordially. Yes,
definitely something was missing or unclear in translation. Hence my
initial very short, very polite and very reasonable request regarding what
was meant by a particular statement he had made in what was clearly, his
interesting article.

I am sure the net effect of our brief exchange of posts will alert
Constantino that one has to be cautious when responding with an unmistakable
sting in the tail, especially when this happened (not to your knowledge) a
second time.

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There are few young Portuguese of Goan parentage who love Goa as much as
Constantino does and who are so integrated not only with Goa but with the
rest of India too. In fact I have met several who actually dislike India
with a vengeance. Be it Constantino's parents, his highly respected
grandparents or the rest of his family in Goa who may have inoculated in him
this deep attachment for our country but even as a newbie to Goanet I
thought he was special and valuable to Goanet. Cornel as someone who is
equally valuable to this forum I think a great deal of misunderstanding
between the two of you can be attributed to Lost in Translation. You should
settle it with a glass of fine Porto.


Let me assure you that I never intended to give you a 'mouthful' and never
intended to disrespect you in that e-mail. And me being a post-gradute
student, I did not mean by any means to be sarcastic or ironic in addressing
you with "Prof.". This is the way I also address Prof. Teotonio de Souza,
whom I know for a long time and I am quite close to. It's an academic sign
of respect. I hope you understand and accept my apologies in case you feel
hurt by any remark I could have possibly made against you.


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