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Hello mario/gilbert :

The "evidence" that you and Gilbert demand is very
hard to find. These acts of extremism were committed
centuries ago and any sane person will tell you that
it is pointless to ask for "evidence" (the kind of
which will stand up in a court of law)unless your
intention is to duck the issue.

While we are at it could you or possibly Gilbert whose
forte is collecting and disseminating such evidence
provide evidence for sati untouchability holocaust or
even for the murder of Staines?

Do you or Gilbert grant the same benefit of doubt to
Dara Singh or the RSS or to Osama Bin Laden? I want to
see your evidence that 9-11 was committed by
Osama...or any other "Islamofascist" as u call them

The point i want to stress here is that it is mere
sophistry and a lame attempt to conceal the truth by
asking for evidence for things like inquisition which
happened so far back in time.

As far as marlon is concerned I believe he wrote that
post in a funny/sarcastic way but other that i have
comments to make on marlon 

as far as letters go, please read Francis xaviers


- vivek


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