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Elizabeth has defined policing in Goa MOST APPROPRIATELY in just one
sentence when she says ""Can we assume that the robbers or murderers dropped
off their jackets at the police station prior to proceeding on their way to
rob Mr & Mrs Amit Gaunkar?"" In fact the Goa police has lost their noses to
sniff at crimes. They use dogs. Maybe they have lost more than their noses,

We at goasuraj believe that if anyone wishes to join the police force, it is
because there is a basic instinct in them for understanding what is right
and what is wrong. And not to stop at mere identificaton of right from
wrong, the basic instinct must prompt the concerned person to right the
wrong. That is police instinct. In Goa, these basic instincts are waylaid
when inducting persons into the police force. Never mind if one has those
basic instincts or not but what is more important is that they have one or
more of the following qualifications. 1. Freedom fighter as the father,
uncle, cousin etc whether genuine or fake. 2. Must be able to up the ante in
cash against the stipulated price for entry. 3. Must have the capability to
bribe a fat politician, fat both in body as well as in mind. And last but
not the least, 4. One must be able to sleep around ( if female) or have the
qualities of a pimp (if male) so that the higher-ups are well looked after.
Has anyone sniffed around a police station in Goa? It smells worst then the
whore-house, if you know what I mean. And those who are responsible for this
to come by are: Ranes, Parrikars, Khalaps, Narvekars, Shirodkars Luizinhos
Churchills and a host of them. Infact, the entire political culture in Goa
is responsible for the demoralized and inefficient police force. With these
masters calling the shots, the Goa police is but a rubber band with
excellent qualities of stretching any way and never breaking.
Given Goa Su-Raj an early chance to govern, the Goa police will be walking
ram-rod with commanding self-respect. What say you Goa Policemen??? Or you
want to crawl indefinately??? Naaaah! You bet, we shall reverse the present
situation whereby "Criminals are falling in love with you and honest
citizens just hating and despising your hafta taking guts.
(Refer to Goa Su-Raj's Road Map for Goa Chapter I -Law and Order - (4)
Police at page 21)

[Say 'NO' to Second Term for MLAs]
[Say 'YES' to Goa's own Command in Goa)


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Is it just me or does anyone else think that Goa police are imbecilic
morons? Everytime I read a crime story in Goa, I somehow picture a Bollywood
style policemen, wearing Hawaldar pants, twirling his mustache and hoping to
come across a villain who utters the infamous line "Prem hai mera naam,
chori mera kaam".

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