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The evidence is not hard to find. Some of it still
exists even today. As I mentioned, the Stupa of a
prexisting Hindu temple still exists within the
compounds of the Divar church. 

Beyond this, there has been substantial research that
has been conducted by others on this topic. The
books/references have already been posted by many on
this forum. In fact I found out about the Divar temple
from reading a book called a Window on Goa by Maurice
Hall, which I later checked out for myself (I happen
to be from Divar). Perhaps a goanetter can post a
picture of the Stupa on the net. The stupa exists in
the cemetary area of the church compound.

Gilbert's states that there was a lot of space
available that did not require the destruction of the
temples. This certainly is a reasonble statement
-except for the fact that we are talking about the era
of the Inquisition. This period did not allow for any
sort of peaceful coexistence. It required the
subjugation and elimination of all non christian
beliefs. This is why there are no old Hindu structures
left standing in the original conquest areas of Goa.


--- Vivek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hello mario/gilbert :
> The "evidence" that you and Gilbert demand is very
> hard to find. These acts of extremism were committed
> centuries ago and any sane person will tell you that
> it is pointless to ask for "evidence" (the kind of
> which will stand up in a court of law)unless your
> intention is to duck the issue.

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