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Gabe, Strictly speaking, neither pro-Bush nor anti-Bush messages ought
to be going out via GOAnet. This is not BUSHnet :-)

We do make the occasional exception, when global issues get entangled
with local ones. But straying repeatedly  far away from the Goa theme
(including its diaspora, and issues which affect it strongly such as
tourism or religion) would be a sure way of negating the mandate with
which this list was set up -- i.e. to focus on Goa and her people.

Sometimes, members ask for a 'right to reply' (which on occasion tends
to go on endlessly, replies, counter-replies,
counter-counter-replies... etc) and that gets entangled with off-topic

Of course, you would not know how much we have to do to keep off
offtopic/offensive/repetitive posts. The irony is that, since this is
done on an off-list basis, every group with a point of view feels that
we are discriminating against them!

At the end of the day, one humble request: don't stray offtopic, don't
insult anyone, be brief and non-repetitive, stick to the
four-posts-max-a-day rule. That's good enough reason for all posts to
go through. As promptly as possible. And, of course, please don't post
in non-plaintext (Gabe may not need this reminder, but many others,
who are having their posts delayed currently, do).

Apart from our biases cancelling out each other's at the admin team,
you can be assured that we are committed to allowing all points of
view go through (though I don't believe in much of what is being said,
everyone has a right to their views).

Another rider though: if anyone sends in a defamatory post, there's no
way I'm going to approve it -- at the end of the day, we're as
responsible, even if this is part of a volunteer-run, non-print,
cyber-media. FN (Frederick Noronha, replying informally but on behalf
of the Goa Admin Team.)

[Goanet] On Postings on Goanet.
Gabe Menezes gabe.menezes at gmail.com

It seems to me that Postings favourable to, or supporting George Bush
and Tony Blair are given Carte Blanche on this site. Any one refuting
this propaganda, by posting contra articles, has had their post lost
in cyber space or rejected. Deja Vu!

Democracy ! What democracy, it is an act of desperation, now in Iraq.
They are freeing insurgents...don't take my word for it, check out the
news. Soon it will be bring back Sadam all is forgiven.

If there are any Goans working in Iraq via Kuwait, I'd strongly advise
you to get out pronto. All the money in the World is not worth it.

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