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Dear Mr Menezes:

I'm obliged to you for enlightening me on the tragic  happening of the S.S. 
Ramdas's stormy dispatch to Davy Jones's locker.  Hitherto, the chequered, 
variegated sea career of this sunken vessel was buried in relative oblivion.  
Thanks to your friend, the venerable Admiral Nair's vivid memories, your 
fascinating revelations caused this interesting vignette of a part of naval 
history to be brought forth. By authorship, I sincerely hope someone of yours 
or the Admiral's calibre would take the initiative to recount this  Event and 
related happenstances. The media used could be our esteemed "GoaNet" with  
permanent enshrinement maybe in "Google" later. It would not only  give the 
redoubtable ship its rightful place in naval History but also pay a proper 
tribute to the unfortunate departed that went down with the Ramdas.

I clearly remember the November 22 cyclone that hit Bombay. I vaguely recall 
it was accompanied by record rainfall of something like 24 inches in 36 hours. 
However  Hitherto, I didn't connect the Ramdas's sinking with this awesome 
cyclone. I always thought they were two separate occurrences. I'm glad you 
straightened me out.

Once again, thank you very much.


Arnold Noronha

Wilmington, Delaware, USA.


From:  "gilbert menezes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To:  goanet@lists.goanet.org
Subject:  Re: SS Ramdas
Date:  Wed, 2 Aug 2006 18:07:15 +0530
>I have a friend, Admiral KR Nair, now retired , aged 91, but still
>with an exceptionally lucid memory.  He told me that HMIS Ramdas was 
>converted merchantman which was fitted with guns and based at Bombay
>during  World War 2.  He served on the ship as a young officer and 
>many interesting tales to tell about this ship, during the war.  
>the war, the ship , now known as SS Ramdas, reverted to the Bombay
>Steam Navigation Company, and was deployed on the bombay-Goa route.
>The ship capsized and sank without survivors during a cyclonic 
>off Khanderi Island, which is just outside Bombay.
>Im not sure about the date of the mishap, but it could be 22 nov 
>because that is the date a large cyclone storm caused a lot of 
>at bombay.  The ship was a small one, about the sizes of SS Rohidas
>and St. Anthony, so there could not have been a thousand people on
>board, more likely a couple of hundred.
>Gilbert Menezes.
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