( National Students Union of India ) Goa- State President. Sanjay R.S.
Like his father, Sanjay Roque Santan started his public life at an early age 
while in high school by participate in the 1979, 50% concession struggle of 
Goan students, Public transport on strike he is known to have walked the whole 
distance from Velim to Panjim to participate in the struggle. He was the front 
leader in the HSSC marks scandal which rocked the Government of Goa in the 
early 80’s. Together they won free education for all in Goa up to degree level. 
People close to Sanjay say that he has worked closely with AICC(I) leaders 
namely Ramesh Chennithala of Kerala, Mukul Wasnik, Farid Arrifudin, Manish 
Tewari and Oscar Fernades for Congress President Rajiv Gandhi, He was Goan 
student representative to Bombay University student council in 1985. He was 
appointed as State president in 1988(1988-1995). As the State President of 
National Students Union of India(NSUI), frontal organization and the student 
wing of the Congress party, under his
 leadership Goa- NSUI won several University students councils for the Congress 
party. Names of his office bearers from the Congress house, Panjim files are 
Vice-President Daniel Britto, Sandesh Padiyar, Orlando Menezes, General 
Secretaries , Uttam Raut Dessai, Chitra Shriwaikar,  Clemente Desouza, 
Treasurer Agnelo Fernandes, South Goa District President Amresh Ramesh Naik, 
Joint secretaries, Merwyn Fernandes, Amul Dessai, Legal cell, Eddison D’Cruz. 
Medical Cell Zelio Dmel
Sanjay is known by his associates for his aggressive work ethics, basically 
warrier at the core, after the 1989 All India Congress, AICC(I) session in New 
Delhi he got into open confrontation with the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee, 
GPCC(I) top brass for not implementation the party aims and objectives of grass 
root level party building putting up a bold face that nobody was spared.  As 
the member of the Congress Pradesh candidate selection committee for All India 
General election of 1989 and 1991 a state apex body for the selection of wining 
candidates for the Congress party he stood for Rajiv Gandhi’s intention to deny 
part tickets for economic offenders. In1989 Sanjay was under age to contest 
Assembly Elections. All his state office bearers say Sanjay  had a clear 
vision, wanted to eradicate corrupt elements within the party and was 
campaigning for a law to keep economic offenders and criminal convicts out of 
the Democratic process. He wanted to
 review all Goan land sale transaction and suspicious power of attorney under 
Congress rule in Goa in the interest of public. We here in Panjim are waiting 
for his reaction to Lokpal law. Having seen his classmates suffered and his 
academic life disturbed by ‘always absent teacher’ who was a politician he also 
wanted teachers out of active politics.
Sanjay was the Chairman, All Goa Anti-Smoking and Anti-Drugs Campaign and 
submitted recommendations to Goa Government to end smoking and drugs in and 
around college campuses.  He was part of the NSUI  delegation to the 1989 
International Youth Conference held in Korea ,  1991 he was part of 11 member 
South  Asian United Nation delegation to Manila , Philippines   to study urban 
and rural poverty. In 1993 he submitted case studies  to United nations with 
regards to Safat , Kuwait , Dubai  and Manama , Bahrain   labour conditions to 
press  for minimum wage and dignity of domestic/commercial labour  in oil rich 
countries. In 1994 he was part of a 6 member Capitalist Economics Forum to 
study  Presidential form of  Democracy in Washington DC , USA and Parliamentary 
form of Democracy in London , UK .
At a press briefing in Panjim on 22-23st May 1991 following the tragic 
assassination of AICC(I) President Rajiv Gandhi at the hands of LTTE, himself 
physically shaken and choked  he expressed shock and sorrow at the life cut 
short of a leader who had all good intentions for the people of India, there on 
in the absence of genuine leadership Sanjay is said to have found himself in a 
vacuum, his work grind to a halt. Despite several requests from his side of 
stepping down he was told to continue and tried to work under the leadership of 
Narasimha Rao AICC(I) President and Prime Minister.  In 1991 he lead  the Goa 
NSUI delegation demanding  to erect a life size statue of  Rajiv Gandhi in the 
Goa Medical College Complex, Bambolim, Goa . A copy of a resignation letter 
from Congress house Panjim, NSUI files, dated 21st Dec 1995 addressed to All 
India NSUI President, Salem Ahmed the whole state committee signed and resigned 
‘to make way for the new
 committee’ , some time there after he left this country and is heard to have 
settled in USA, is married and has a son. Sanjay’s well wishers are waiting for 
his return to Goa the place he and his family loves.
Descending from the  ancient royal family which ruled south Indian mainlands 
for over a thousand years, Sanjay’s family still occupies and live in one of 
their royal premises by the beautiful foothills and in the  grandeur of the 
12th century Kadamba Jayakeshi I Southern Capital site Velliapura in present 
day Velim, South Goa and according to the Kadamba Coterie resource he is the 
42nd successor to the founder of reign of Hangal.

…ref:/ Kadambas the royals of South India, Our proud heritage. The secrets of 
…:-mater permitted by the original research  author for research purpose.

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