Today after having served Goa distinguishably as Governor for just over two
years BV Wanchoo takes the flight out of Goa. The very shoddy manner in
which the NDA government virtually evicted him out of office is outrageous.
For a person of his caliber, integrity and competence BV Wanchoo did not
deserve to be treated in such a demeaning manner.

That BV Wanchoo was going to be gunned down was very clear from the body
language of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 14th during his visit to
Goa. At the airport while being greeted with a bouquet by Governor Wanchoo,
the Prime Minister disrespectfully and very uncourteously looked the other
way. It was in utter bad taste.

With the change in guard at the centre the law did not require BV Wanchoo
to resign and he could have continued as Governor for another three years.
But he chose to spare himself of the mudslinging that the NDA leaders would
have craftily unleashed to hound him by leaving him battered and bruised.

In his usual devious style Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar tried to fakely
project publicly that he had no problems with BV Wanchoo continuing as
Governor but the State BJP was asked to fire salvos seeking the Governor’s
resignation.  And they did it with great fanfare by even suggesting that
they knew it would have the desired effect due to the pre-planning.

BV Wanchoo was extremely people friendly and though very knowledgeable was
always ready to learn. A refined gentleman to the core. Always gave
everyone a very patient and polite hearing with an open mind unlike many of
his predecessors including Kidar Nath Sahani who was extremely intolerant
to hear the other side of the ‘Kahani’.

Goa will miss BV Wanchoo for the kind open hearted man that he was.
Beginning with Nakul Sen having interacted with every Governor since 1972,
without any shadow of doubt BV Wanchoo clearly outstands them all.

Governor BV Wanchoo was very proactive and analyzed all matters brought
before him indepthly from all angles. I had the occasion of meeting with
him on a couple of occasions with various issues. Unlike most other
Governors who just receive your representation and bid you off after a cup
of tea, with BV Wanchoo there was always an open exchange of ideas and
thoughts on the subject of the representation placed before him. A Governor
is bound to be an appointee of a political dispensation. But when the
incumbent dons the mantle as Governor, he should keep his preferences and
prejudices behind and bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution.
Something which Governor Wanchoo has maintained to the highest standards.

If the Raj Bhavans have to be kept free from the political stink, having
persons like BV Wanchoo who carry no political baggage was the way to go.
Regardless of all the rhetoric we have heard over the last few weeks, this
Government will not walk the talk but as expected has a string of ageing
RSS pracaharaks lined up to move into the Raj Bhavans which will now be
their saffonised retirement homes at tax payer’s expense.

Bidding farewell to 63 year old BV Wanchoo while thanking him for upholding
the Constitution of India while unfailingly discharging his role as
Governor of Goa. Sir, just to let you know that you will be always
remembered for the outspoken and warm person that you have been.

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