Yes, this is the father (late Pampu Shirodkar, the first Speaker of the Goa
Assembly, who would have probably become chief minister of Goa if Bandodkar
didn't) of the ex-Director of Archives (Dr Prakashchandra P Shirodkar, now
in Bangalore).

>From what the latter told me on phone, this book was written by his dad
while he was still in jail. In those times, the main written languages in
Goa were Portuguese and Marathi. So, I guess, it made sense from him to
translate a book by Tilak from Marathi into Portuguese, both languages he
must have known well.

It might have been done in the 1950s. If he had done it today, the choice
of languages would have obviously been different. (These days, I'm trying
my hand at Portuguese-to-English simple translations, despite my obvious

I understand that Dr Shirodkar has himself been facing health issues, and
he's trying his best to publish some of his late father's unpublished
manuscripts, together with help from the family. As an aside, Dr
Shirodkar's sister is Dr Walke, a popular doctor who has served in Saligao
(along with her late husband) for the past 4-5 decades now. His younger
brother, Prasanna, has been a long-time member of the editorial desk of the
Gomantak Times, probably since its founding in 1987. (Am subject to
correction over the dates specially.)

Which is why....


On 18 September 2016 at 18:53, Eugene Correia <>

> Is this Shirodkar the same one who waa freedom-fighter and later a
> politician (father of historian PP Shirodkar)? May I ask why in Portuguese?
> Are there enough readers of Portuguese in Goa, or is the ai to target the
> Portuguese markets in Portugal and in the rest of the world?
> Would translating in Konkani not be okay?
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