Marshall....What you have written relates to the known, expected and
beneficial Placement of Newborns who their mothers did not want - for more
than one reason. They, likely, would have been aborted or abandoned

What Roland has negligently (IMHO) speculated about is the Stealing of
these babies. It is worth waiting for Roland to provide evidence (even
based on a lower standard ie Preponderance), that such Theft was going on
in Goa during the Salazar era.


On 18 September 2016 at 05:33, Marshall Mendonza <>

> I wonder how fair and appropriate it is to judge social happenings of 75
> years ago with today's social norms. At least the children were not aborted
> but given in adoption.  I recollect as a child, the people in the
> neighbourhood speak in whispers about a lady who was sent on an enforced
> holiday for one year. I understood the meaning much later in life. Those
> were the days when unwed motherhood was considered a scandal. The
> unfortunate lady would find it difficult to find a husband and the other
> eligible members of the family, a match.
> Regards,
> Marshall
> *In Franco's Spain the Catholic Church, nuns and doctors were
> co-conspirators in operating a criminal ring where young single mothers
> delivering babies in hospitals which in that time were all owned by the
> Church, were led to believe their babies had died. The babies were then
> given for adoption to affluent families.Not a far cry to reflect on this
> happening to poor and unwed mothers in Salazar's Goa where a similar
> ideology and strict moral code existed.-*
> *Roland Francis*

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