We are born to die , or reincarnate and yet death cannot be accepted so
sweetly, Death causes great pain,sufferings to the near and dear ones.
words are poor comforters, Only those who loose their loved ones cannot get
over it, we ruminate over all the wonderful qualities, gifts of the person
and how they touched us personally and intimately, There is no elaboration
on the defects and shortcomings, as death puts them into oblivion. We will
not see, hear, talk and touch him any more,and that rattles us the most The
death of the person creates a vacuum in our hearts and mind, The nearness
to the dead person cause agony If the person is young we say that those
whom God loves die young.. when elderly person passes away, it is
understood that he has lived his life When an young child is lost to the
fangs of cruel death, we lament bitterly about creator not being just and
fair, When a sick person dies, we feel it death is the biggest relief and
leveller When people die suddenly in accident, incurable disease our pain
is increased many fold .Some want others to die so that they can benefit
materially through inheritance , promotion etc,when people commit suicides
, we can neither appreciate or understand their predicament and we are apt
to blame their decisions as cowardly Our sympathy and concerns are fiery,
at brutal murders,Those that are hanged for crimes against humanity gives
us solace , consolation,as if to say that wrong is remedied somehow
We never want to think that the same death awaits us, but when we are young
it is an illusion The poem DASH between life and death is very meaningful,
How long is the dash, thick a line, or dotted dash. The quality of life we
live is all that matters to every one Does death make us reflect or
introspect about our behaviours,attitudes envies, jealousies, egos
strengths and weakness and drive us to reform and adjust, We never know the
span of life awaiting us and still we will live as if the death is never on
our agenda We pity children left without the mother or the bread winner,
but death separating us from loved ones is no different in pain and
sufferings What would be our reaction when death is certain and nearly
predictable? would be your priority if death was to come within a week,
month, year, hour or a day
We have all the questions of why, what , how, when but there will be never
be the answer that really satisfies us completely, We console ourselves
rationalising,reasoning, adjustments, projecting reconciling to the
inevitable, spiritual dimensions of faith and belief The will of the
creator has to be accepted absolutely and unequivocally. Do we challenge
the discretations of garderner to pluck some flowers, leave others, or the
farmer plucking the products at different stages for different purposes and
yet leaving some on the tree.?Those who believe in life after death,
resurrections may derive spiritual strength and those who do not believe
are lost unto themselves and mentally their purpose and peace is shattered
The dead person is gift not only to the family, but also to the friends,
neighbours community and the community at large Let us therefore build a
monument to the departed loved one in our hearts and minds,.Rituals,
prayers, and worldly ways help us to reduce our loss and pains
Nelson Lopes Chinchinim

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