Oh my gosh!

JC you have your answer thanks to Stephen Dias.

It was not such a leap of speculation and conspiracy theorizing after all.

Roland Francis

> On Sep 17, 2016, at 10:35 PM, Stephen Dias <steve.dia...@gmail.com> wrote:
>  Dr Colaco is rightly made his comment :
> Quote:
> "where if one sneezed in Canacona ,
> everybody would hear it all the way in Tiracol ?"
> Subject says " parents" i.e Nuns took babies from parents. 
> Who are the parents? In this case they are unwed mother. Only single parent 
> is affected and not parents as  father who is unofficial unknown. 
> This kind of taking babies is a common issue or practice in Goa,  not only in 
> Salazar's  time but still it continues now, and I know that babies can be 
> taken directly from certain Hospitals or else they are made to disappear from 
> the Hospital and given to the affluent people/families to take them home or 
> even these babies are taken  to other states. It is nothing new and as long 
> as there is no complain,  these babies either are sold or given with some 
> declaration so that these babies are not ill treated. I know there are plenty 
> of  cases here in Goa that such babies are been adopted and they are well 
> taken care with good education etc.etc  This is generally taking place with 
> those parents who do not have any issues.
> Stephen Dias
> Dona Paula
> On 17 September 2016 at 15:50, Roland <roland.fran...@gmail.com> wrote:
> "Not a far cry to reflect on this happening to poor and unwed mothers in
> Salazar's Goa where a similar ideology and strict moral code existed."
> Dear Roland,
> Quite a Leap of Speculation and Conspiracy Theorizing.
> Any reasonable and verifiable support for this occurring (exceptions having
> been noted) in a small place like Goa - where if one sneezed in Canacona,
> everybody would hear it all the way in Tiracol ?
> jc

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