We are all aware that illegal and unofficial sale / adoption of babies are
being done not only in Goa but all over the country. However, may I ask
Stephen whether it is being done by Nuns in collaboration with Catholic
Hospitals and with force / deceit?



*Subject says " parents" i.e Nuns took babies from parents.*
> Who are the parents? In this case they are unwed mother. Only single
parent is affected and not parents as  father who is unofficial unknown.
> This kind of taking babies is a common issue or practice in Goa,  not
only in Salazar's  time but still it continues now, and I know that babies
can be taken directly from certain Hospitals or else they are made to
disappear from the Hospital and given to the affluent people/families to
take them home or even these babies are taken  to other states. It is
nothing new and as long as there is no complain,  these babies either are
sold or given with some declaration so that these babies are not ill
treated. I know there are plenty of  cases here in Goa that such babies are
been adopted and they are well taken care with good education etc.etc  This
is generally taking place with those parents who do not have any issues.
> Stephen Dias
> Dona Paula

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