Nowadays Goans have been receiving lots of facilities from certain
political parties either they get their Grihar doles which is now
increased, health camps, and various packages like insurances etc.

I have been attending most of these health camps through their invitation
but I found that these junior doctors having not much   knowledge on the
subject as their talk is very much basic and known to the patient. I have
also found that these camps are not been much benefited.  It is just a time
pass and gimmicks to create awareness for only voting purposes.  Similarly
insurances scheme are also been organized so that the voters are made happy
to cast their votes in their favour.

I feel,  that the public must be aware such stunts although the camps are
free, but of no use.

Recently,  I had been to a health camp near Don Bosco School, Panjim  and
found that the tea served contained sugar and most of the patients were
diabetics. The sugar test after that will definitely show elevated sugar
level for those who have taken the tea. Also the weight of the patient
taken before the check without height measurement is also not valid, and
how the doctor will correlate the symptom or sickness of the patient? Also
I have noticed that Cardiology doctor was not available in this camp but
others doctors were juniors who could not even answer my health queries. on
my hearth matters.

After that I have requested some other parties to come forward and
organize better camps so that people gets benefited and not to give these
camps  a political flavor.

Stephen Dias

Dona Paula

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