Konkanni  will survive

Long before the liberation and after Goa`s identity did not suffer pain
of extinguishment ,inspite of oppressive and suppressive regime for 450
years. It is only after Goa was granted Statehood that the language script
became the bone of contention. Konkanni in Mangalore and  in Karnataka is
written in Telugu and Tulu which is a survival platform without any support
of Govt, cruches .While Goa Govt supports from General funds Primary
schools in Kanada,  Telgu and Marathi, The neighbouring States, specially
Maharashtra besides Karnataka have a sizeable population of Konkanni
speaking people, but is there the Subject of Kon available in  any of the
schools either with or without support of Govt funding? Goa can be proud
offering primary education  at the cost of our funds to display National
spirit, without any iota of reciprocal gesture. The Portuguese during their
450 years never allowed Konkanni to flourish, but on the contrary
suppressed and lowered its stature as the lingua of cooks, buttlers. Thanks
to some writers in Roman script, the Tiatrist fraternity and the Church,
who used Roman script to keep it floating and alive. The whole state of
Maharashtra is there to look after promotion of its language and does not
need over enthusiastic, self appointed surrogates to extend support ..True
many in Goa use Marathi for their religious ceremony,in printing invitation
cards, read Marathi dailies in particular, but great majority of them speak
in Konkanni .The catholics earlier used Latin for similar religious
ceremonies. Due to carelessness and insensitivity, political foresight,
chicanery Marathi along with konkanni received official status, though till
date neither of the language is used for official communication inspite of
the body in existence for implementation of official language. The number
of Marathi papers is sizeable not because of Goans but a large  resident
and floating population, On the contrary, the  oldest paper Vauradeancho
Ixtt is  not supported by the  readership subscription,Gulab, Jivit and
amcho avaz propagate in Roman script., The only paper in Devanagri Kon has
received decent burial, because of practical reasons and not anything else

Konkanni is a subject in many schools and graduation post graduation. PhD
in Konkanni goes up to degree level. The only opening                 and
mostly being teaching profession without any other scope to earn a living
.The Konkani books find their way to private Govt Libraries, schools and
sale  is totally restricted to a trickle, The students who scored 90 plus
marks in SSCE and received encouragement awards hardly ever buy , read
books either in Kon or Roman script and hardly use it for passtime writing
 .So may I ask what is the purpose of this language in devanagri script in
real life.? DKA   is  at  best promoting the Roman script, but dependent on
Govt largess, it should partner with Church organizations.

The language issue has a become political football for Govt in office and
those waiting in wings to share  a piece of political cake. Voters need to
be cautious about U turns both oral, written and legislative promises at
the time of elections, It is  divisive policy to remain in power and divide
the electorate on pure communal lines,. The so called proponents and
votaries of Kon and Marathi enjoy political patronage and bask in the lime
light for personal glorification. But they have no control on their own
sons , daughters and offspring, while prescribing to force their decadent
views on other parents .The Marathi  medium schools are dwindling, while
Govt. is  hiding the strength in each schools, boasting of totals strength
vis a vis Kon medium schools. The  cash  dole per child is mere appeasement
strategy to keep resistance at bay and to keep alive Marathi medium schools
and survival of teachers. At one point of time Church schools were forced
to make a switch over  to Kon Medium unable to pay the staff, the Govt
scales. One would be shocked at the results of proficiency test in Kon and
English in primary schools .Even the poor  and migrant ,at  an unbearable
expense enroll wards in English medium primary schools as they have
visualized it as a gate way to future prospects, Govt while allocating
grants does it as the contributions of all Goans, and not distributing from
personal resources. Too often Unesco report of years back is still
considered as the Bible of truth for grasping concepts. Many  parents speak
in English at home , so what is the mother tongue by definition or is it of
grandparents and forefathers .?It is an illusion that so called identity,
culture and traditions are only entombed in language We are constantly
bombarded with changes in our life and the customs and culture are subject
to change and modifications, whether be food, dress, celebrations,
attitudes etc, but simply being rooted does not ensure survival of anything
.Many of our citizens outside our land find bonding by resorting to our
practices, but just because they are not proficient in medium of
instructions does not defranchise them being Goans
Let the parents decide the choice of medium  what is best suited to them
and as suggested by the courts The grants come from the pool of general
contributions and politicians are mere arbitrators in office.  Many states
in India  have switched over to English medium and the  large pool of human
resources  is available in India and particularly in Goa because of English
proficiency . BBSM experiment to teach BJP a lesson will be watched keenly
and it will aslo learn where it lies in the minds of Goans. It is BJP that
is responsible for rearing snakes in its backyard with the hope they will a
threat to others,. BBSM has been assiduously cultivated for too long by BJP
with ulterior motives,lending overt and covert suport and now and crying
foul. It is sursprising that the election issue is MOI  of the new born
party, No one except SS has shown inclination and SS is non starter in
Goa., The hope with threats, ultimatum to MGP that  it will act as spoil
sport in their constituency is ludicrous and act of desperation to woe the
candidates. The BJP has not won majority with MOI as an issue that some
cheer leaders assume their importance in BJP rise to power in Goa, It is
the corruption, arrogance, insensitivity of Congress that has propelled
them to power . The opinion poll has long settled the issue of Goenkarpon.
The state of Maharashtra needs no surrogates to propell it upwards, It is
well developed and in use in the state of Maharashtra .The state cannot
have too languages .Some stalwarts consider themselves as indispensable and
kingmakers and  are now losing their exalted status in BJP. That  the
movement is not against the minorities is a poor comforter trying to
assuage the feeling of alienation, if any, becuase BBSM is demanding
stoppage of grants to Schools of the minority. It is different matter that
marathi medium schools are closing with increasing frequency inspite of the
sops and prop ups by the BJP Govt to keep them in good humour BBSM is sure
to bite the dust and all the decadent Kingmakers will be trhown in the dust
bin of History, Not everyone is in tune with their MOI stance, dividing the
Goans on language issue. The parents are determined to exert their choice
of medium which is their right as emphasised by the Courts The  self
appointed leaders cannot impress their own sons and daughters about their
noble values of MOI,  why do they  they want to force their views on the
rest of the parents, who have not authorised them on their behalf, Even the
poorest of poor have realised that  English will help them in vertical
climb and that the denial is only to keep them as bonded society
nelson Lopes Chinchinim

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