Roland wrote:

GL,:  The crux of the baby snatching is this: the young and vulnerable mother 
was not given a choice of what to do with her own baby.

You can pontificate over how it was best for the mother or the baby, what the 
context of that age was and ten other justifications. But you cannot take away 
the simple underlying fact:  It was the mother who needed to make the choice, 
not the nuns, priests, doctors or the Church.

Roland Francis,  Toronto.

GL responds:

Roland, I agree with you to "lets stop theorizing and pontificating".  Let's do 
something about it TODAY.

PLEASE look up the Homes of Hope India that cares for unwanted FEMALE babies 
and young girls
They have six Homes across India run by the Franciscan nuns.   And I can assure 
you there is no baby-snatching going on here.

For EVERY US or Canadian DOLLAR you (or any other goanetter) contribute to 
Homes of Hope India, I will contribute another US dollar for a total of US $ 

To emphasize the need of the hour, the United Nations has labeled India as 
having the LARGEST NUMBER OF SLAVES in the world.   These are not slaves from 
Africa.  These are the unwanted babies that you talked about and have been 
give-up by their parents or grandparents.   So let's do something practical to 
help these vulnerable mothers and unwanted babies specially girls.

Regards, GL

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