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Got Bhakt—
Kor Aakraman!

Bhakt Asso—
Nachom-ia Kumpasar (Or in the ole manner, Nochoea Kumpasar)

Bhoktipon assaum

Assa Bhoktiponn Re?
Nhoim Fottingpon Murre!

Of course various meanings. But ot I know? : )
Or, …

—Venantius J Pinto

On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 6:13 AM, Nelson Lopes <> wrote:

> Gai Bakt for real
> I visted a friend on Ganpathi festival and was pleasantly surprised to see
> a small calf in the sitting hall. There was drinking water vessel and food
> container too, The chairs and sofa were moved away. It was occupying prime
> spot and was well maitained, fed and looked after.  There was a verandha
>  where it could have been easily accomodated.i was informed that it was
> badly injured calf and left unattended, He picked it up and took it home,
> nursed it  back to health, by taking daily to the mother for milk, quite a
> distance way. It is a year now, but it looks healthy, though stil unable to
> walk on its own, it has become a member of the house with everyone  in the
> showering goodness. It costs quite a bit too.
> It is service of love and devotion at least to one lucky one giving the
> exercise a spiritual dimension. Can there more of  their kind, then simply
> shouting, mouting gau mata?, Else where in the country, we heard of
> violence, torture and even murders in the name of gai matta. Guaraskas are
> exploiting to the hilt the sentiment in self profiteering and sending them
> to slaughter houses accross to Bangladesh The  actual photo was not taken
> on request.
> Godly love and devotion at least towards one in fulfillment of moksha .If
> every devotee had to adopt one animal, like a tulsi in their courtyard, the
> menance and dangers of street population on National Highways and byways
> would have been solved, thus avoiding fatalities, risks and dangers to the
> motorists Can this expereiment lead others to follow likewise?
> Nelson Lopes Chinchinim
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