The BJP in Goa at the 2012 Assembly elections rode to power on the promise
of Zero Tolerance to Corruption and Good Governanace. But over the last
four and half years it has been a never ending string of scams galore with
the multi crore beach cleaning one topping the list.

In September 2014 Manohar Parrikar as Chief Minister awarded the contract
of Comprehensive Management of cleanliness of North Goa Beaches to Bhumika
Cleantech Services Pvt Ltd at an annual cost of Rs 7, 51, 40,999 and
the cleaning of South Goa beaches to Ram Cleansers & Developers Pvt Ltd at
a cost of Rs 7, 04, 87,999. Both the companies are owned by one Manish
Mohata.  Earlier the cleaning of Goa beaches was costing an average of a
mere two crores annually. The current despicable condition of Goa’s beaches
is there for all to see, while the contractor in collusion with the
government instead of cleaning the beaches has merrily only emptied the
State coffers.

Infact the then Director of Tourism Ameya Abhyankar on 11th December last
year in a four page note while pointing out that major conditions of the
tender were not fulfilled with detailed reasons had proposed that the
department go in for a fresh tender but the government the very next day
transferred Ameya Abhyankar.

The Goa Lokayukta Justice P.K.Misra who is currently probing this beach
cleaning scam has very rightly directed the Director of Tourism that after
proper scrutiny of the pending bills, half of the amount payable to the
contractor be kept in a fixed deposit so that appropriate directions can be
issued after the completion of the detailed investigation.  In public
interest this is a very prudent safeguard in the likely eventuality that
the delinquent contractor Manish Mohata does a vanishing act and flies off
like another Kingfisher.

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