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Pipe organ makes a comeback at Stuti Concert

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Stuti Chorale Ensemble will present a concert of western classical music on
September 20 at 7 p.m., at the Panaji Church. The concert will comprise of
several pieces of classical music accompanied by the pipe organ which has
been recently restored
Stuti Chorale Ensemble has always enthralled the Goan audience with its
music and is now ready to present a western classical music concert on
September 20 at 7 p.m., at Panaji Church. The programme will be held under
the direction of Anthony Vás.
The concert will comprise of several pieces of classical music accompanied
by the pipe organ which has been recently restored.
In the eightieth decade of the 19th century an organ was acquired at the
Panaji Church – Gebruder Link, Giengen an Der Brenz, Germany – and the
sacred ambience was enhanced. In the latter part of the 20th century the
instrument lay silent after it broke down and no one could repair it.
The organ was restored due to efforts of the administrative committee of
the Church along with priests presently or till recently attached to the
church. Fernando Fernandes, a tuner of pianos of Furtados Music House,
dismantled the entire organ, repaired each piece meticulously,
reconstructed some (metal) pipes substituting them with ‘pipes’ made of
teak wood and reset the instrument.
Once repaired, Fernando’s daughter, Farah played F Schubert’s Ave Maria for
those who gathered for the show. There was a spontaneous outburst of
jubilation. It was from that day that the Immaculate Conception Church,
Panaji, once again began resonating with sacred mellifluous notes flowing
from the pipes of the organ.
About Stuti
Stuti (Konkani for Praise) Choral Ensemble was began in 2009 as a response
to a deeply felt need among music lovers to have a mature, dedicated, mixed
four-voice choir in Goa.
The choir meets regularly at Kala Academy, Panaji, and sings songs of all
genres including Indian, primarily Goan, religious and folk music. In 2011,
the choir was invited to be a part of the Christmas Music Festival,
Bangalore, organised by Deccan Herald.
In December 2014, Stuti performed at a grand concert held in the Basilica
of Bom Jesus, Old Goa, during the Exposition of St Francis Xavier with an
orchestra of Goan musicians and leading artists from the Nuremberg College
of Music, under the baton of Prof Ulf Klausenitzer.
In the spirit of the jubilee year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis,
Stuti is going to present a programme of choral pieces both a capella and
organ accompanied. There will be pieces for the organ only to be
interpreted by Ingrid Anne Nazareth, of the Department of Electronics, Goa
University. Along with the hymn of the jubilee year, “Vande
Satchitanandam”, a Sanskrit tust – git “Deva Tuje Dovlotichi”, “Landate
Pitoni”, “Piedade Saibinni” and an XVIII – XIX cent Konkani hymn, F
Schubert’s mass in ‘C’ will be the piece de resistance.

(The event is open to all)

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