*Gallery Gitanjali* invites you to  *Picture This,* its annual art
appreciation course on *Thursday, 22nd September at 6.30 p.m.* Conducted in
an engaging, interactive manner by art historian Apurva Kulkarni, Picture
This will take you on an audio-visual romp uncovering artworks from all
over the world, past and present. Everything you wanted to know about what
art is, its popular themes, to the discussion of its elements: line, shape,
tone, colour, texture and space will be addressed in depth. So if you have
oodles of questions about what art is or isn’t, do join us to discuss and
debate about the fascinating yet provocative world of the visual arts.

The illustrated sessions deal with the popular themes through the ages:
religious art, the portrayal of the human body and face, landscapes and
still-lifes among other things. However the core of Picture This deals with
the basic vocabulary of art itself - the elements like line, shape, tone,
colour, texture and space. These building blocks of art together with the
principles they manifest will be illustrated with scores of examples from
the world over. The sessions will end with a scintillating representation
of the elements through short films made by award winning film makers.

Picture This will be conducted every Thursday from 6.30 to 8.30 pm for 9
consecutive weeks. *Registration has commenced *and the fee for the entire
course is Rs 3000/- per person. The fee for an individual session is
Rs.500/- per person. Email gallerygitanj...@gmail.com or call 9158940495

Thanks & Regards
Varsha Pednekar
Gallery Gitanjali
E-212,31st January Road,

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