BICHOLIM: BJP’s Bicholim Block on Monday stated that the senior party 
ministers, including president Amit Shah, have assured that the Bicholim seat 
will be given only to party candidate and would not be shared with the 
Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP). 

The block members were speaking following Independent Bicholim MLA Naresh 
Sawal’s revelation on receiving offers to join the MGP, who is likely to be 
given the Bicholim ticket.  

BJP Block president Vallabh Salkar said, “At any cost, the mandal will not give 
the Bicholim seat to MGP. We have got the assurances from the senior leaders on 
this and they will not betray us. Since last many years, we have worked hard 
and MGP has no support in the taluka." 

"We respect the BJP-MGP alliance, which has been there for last five years. 
This alliance will continue and the Chief Minister has also stated that all the 
28 seats that BJP had with us will remain with the party," Salkar said adding 
"We have strong support in the constituency and as far as MGP is concerned, 
they have stopped their work after 1999."

"BJP has implemented several schemes since last five years and the Bicholim 
seat is a sure victory for us," formed MLA Rajesh Patnekar informed.

When asked on who will be the party candidate, the block president replied 
saying, it would be decided by the senior leaders.

Earlier, in a startling revelation, Independent Bicholim MLA, Naresh Sawal has 
disclosed that he has been receiving offers from the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak 
Party (MGP) to join the party. 

However, he said the decision to join the MGP depends on the seat-sharing by 
BJP-MGP coalition.

“The MGP has been inviting me for a long time and even on Sunday they asked the 
people about it and the people backed me to join the party,” Sawal stated. 

When asked whether he would join the MGP following the decision of the people, 
he quickly replied saying, “It all depends on the seat sharing by BJP and MGP. 
If Bicholim gets MGP seat, I would surely join the party.” 

When questioned if he is going to support BBSM, he responded saying, “I have 
huge respect for Velingkar and I support the language issue and if they are 
supporting me then they are welcome to do so.” 

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