All The Editors in Goa,

Our Chief Minister LAXMIKANT PARSEKAR is giving threats to villagers and
telling them not to worry about the radiation on cell towers.  This is not
acceptable to the villagers as well as the Gram Sabba and the Panchayat
members from South Goa.
In view of importance of international world Brick submit the villagers
accepted for a temporary erection of tower but not permanent.
At the cost of health hazards this situation by giving threats for erecting
towers should not be made by the Chief Minister of Goa. It is not right as
lots of scientific studies are available on radiation.
He has challenged that there is no radiation hazard and demanded that a
Tower will be installed near his cabin as a test, where he is siting at the
Secretariat thus defying that nothing will happen to him. Result of
radiation if any, will be known much later and not immediate.
As per the experts data is available on scientific studies say that the
radiation will not take place near a certain area closer to the tower
because that becomes a "shadow zone" and transmission of radiation power
will not be affected in that zone or lobe, hence the radiation will be only
to others away from that zone and those who are within the shadow zone will
be safe including himself. That is the concept of theory of radiation and
it is an international theory on radiation technique and no experimentation
is required.

Please see the quote from Chief Minister of Goa:

Parsekar categorically said, “ There is no link between mobile tower
radiation and health hazard. That we have to accept. We are a progressive
State.” The Chief Minister said he has instructed the chief secretary to
erect a mobile tower in the Assembly complex closest to his cabin. “ Let
that experimentation be done on me,” he said

Stephen Dias
Dona Paula
DATE; 22.9.2016

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