Pakistan Uri attack

The dastardly attack is in tune with the statement of state actors that
Kashmir will be turned into graveyard for the army. !8 brave men were burnt
in their temporary housing tents and many others battling for life in
serious conditions, at early at dawn It is a repeat, recent story at
Patankot.  It appears that the terrorists were well aware of soldiers
housed in vulnerable tents.  The army is still to close on gaps that caused
the mayhem,. Though it may be true that often the army has repulsed and
disabled terrorists, the ease with which the terrorist strike set the
tongues wagging.  How did security measures failed and breached to protect
the innocent unaware personnel. If they can strike at will the most guarded
establishment, then God forbid the fate of common citizen, Pakistan is
nursing the wounds perhaps of the loss of  East Bengal or the army
bleeding India over decades  through this low intensity wars.? Pakistan
though implicated by proxy ,Inida attacking it may not be justified. Then
there are costs of escalation and risk involved., It may be easy to start a
war, but then control will be difficult. Pakistan has in the past in the
name of non state actors resorted to brutality of our armed personnel,
encouraging terrorists on its soil, also fuelling home grown outfits
sympathetic to their malafide campaign and misadventures in the past in
Kargil If war is not an option tried and tested maximum that we reserve the
right to strike at a time and place of our choosing  has outlived its
utility and has not yielded desired results. The talk of hot pursuits,
surgical strikes, limited actions have been  fraught with dangers of
nuclear wars and collateral damage on both sides,  Pakistan is known to
openly support terrorists organizations, harbouring  Dawood and providing
logistic, material and training is all too well know, but feeds on
deniability.  The case of Bin Laden living in high walled residence at
Abotabod in garrison town is a classic example of turning blind eye on
purpose. No doubt Pakistan is the victim of terrorism of its own making as
it is said the raring of snakes in backyard is not the option .When Modi
came to power tough action was forecast, but somewhere down the line his
softening of diplomacy has backfired with all his overt and covert actions.
India will not resort to rogue tactics similar to those followed by  rogue
Pakistan State. India has successfully highlighted Pakistan atrocities,
specially the Baloch problems and it has infuriated them. War is not an
option; The military is baying for avenging blood of martyred companions
with contingency plans well in place, but for the political will .India is
in a catch 22 situation, In the past, it has in the past frittered away the
hard earned bargaining power with loss of human and material costs on war
gains, Bangladesh prisoners of wars. Diplomatic isolation has not scratched
Pakistan skin a bit

But India cannot forever remain passive spectator to brutalities of
terrorists and so called non state actors .This situation has gone too long
and too far, in fact it is festering wound .WE are told that army will give
fitting reply whatever that means, that perpetrators will not go unpunished
but the casualties on Indian side are mounting No amount of evidence
provided to Pakistan has been accepted and has been denied, The fact
finding mission to Patankot on reciprocal basis has not materialized
Isolation of Pakistan may not have the desired effect like Iran, North
Korea where business is as usual. The world reacts to terror  acts on India
with mere condemnation. Three decades of talks at all levels have not moved
the issue by an inch. Punitive strikes, hot pursuits, limited damage are
delayed for another day. True Pakistan cannot be attacked by war machine
for harbouring, abetting, arming the non state actors, in spite of all
material evidence Through this indirect means Pakistan is inflicting costs
on Indian state and perhaps the nuclear blackmail is deterring our actions,
Emotional response is no alternative, but planned, decisive and immediate
retaliation must wake up Pakistan

Nelson Lopes Chinchinim

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