Subsidy to pilgrims to HOLY Land
In Jan 2011, under P.C.Trust a proposal by Christian community of
Chinchinim for subsidy to Holy Land, on the line of Haj Subsidy was
submitted a memorandum through Mr Shantaram Naik, M.P, when UPA was in
power.It received no further impetus from him even after subsequent
reminders, only taking advantage of publicity on the ocassion. The proposal
was signed by about 5000 parishioners from Goa, Mumbai, Mangalore, Kerela,
Delhi, Rajashtan and then MLA`s of Goa Assembly. It is once again being
revived through Govt of Goa,present and past MLA`s to whom the request is
mailed. Press note is also released to all English dailies
The Govt Of Tamilnadu grants a subsidy of 20K to each pilgrim, to Holy Land
limited to a fixed number annually
The Govt of Goa in the interum can at least consider favourably on the
lines ofTamilnadu State
It is reported that MP had met the P.M , Dr Manmohan along with MP`s
belongin to Christian Community earlier to our petition and was requested
to reteriate the demand forcefully, but to no avail.
Jerusalem is a very significant birth place of Lord Jesus and i rightly
called the Holy Land , as the history of Catholics religion is rooted in
Jerusalem, where he was born ,lived, and carried out his mission as the
saviour of mankind Pilgrimage to Holy Land will help to relive th memories
associated with Him, In Andra Pradesh The S.C had stayed the subsidy
intended by the Govt of that State, The proposal to Goa Govt, did not evoke
any response and was ignoored, though they scout for catholic votes only to
get esconced in power. The Goa Govt, and a Catholic M.P on other hand go
out lock, stock and barrel in appeasing Haj pilgrims and providing all
The catholics hardly constitute 2% of the population of India, difficult to
make the voice felt and not a vote bank priority/asset to the politcians
and also being scattered across some states, Goa having substantial
catholic population, increasingly desirous to amke the visit once in their
life time
the pilgrimage.The secular India finds no cause for worry in providing
subsidy to Haj pilgrims annualy to Meca over decades
India being a secular state it is just and fair, eqitable that pilgrimage
to Holy Land, Meca are treated equally for subsidy, the S,C has opined that
this is a very small expenditure' that can be easily absorbed without
casting a heavy burden on the exchequer

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