Dear Prof Girish Kumar,

This refers to your subject line " Why not tell us what research have you

Allow me please to Preface my Questions to you with the following:

(1) I am not sure about the effects on humans of Radiation emitted by Cell
phone towers.
(2) I am aware of the published scientific on the matter.
(3) However, I believe that it is the Right of the Residents to object to
them....unless there is an overriding national security interest.
(4) I am one of those who would prefer NOT to have a Bunch of those Towers
in my back-yard.

(5) I believe that the reported statement by Dr. Shekhar Salkar could &
should have been worded differently.
(6) Dr. Salkar is a qualified surgeon who has significant experience in
Cancer Surgery.
(7) I could be wrong but I believe that FICS (Oncology) is NOT a
(8) You, Dr. Girish are absolutely within your rights to ask Dr. Salkar the
question you have asked.

While he does that, here are My Questions to you:
a: Are you a Physician ?
b: Have you PERSONALLY studied the effects on Humans of Radiation from Cell
Phone Towers in India/elsewhere.
c: Would you please provide access to Your Study Design, Materials &
Methods, Statistical Tests used to analyse that Data and Conclusions
d: Do you still have the Raw Data You collected and studied?

Just in case you are wondering: Yes, I should know a thing or two about



On 22 September 2016 at 11:45, Girish Kumar <> wrote:

> To, Dr Shekhar Salkar
> Recd your following email, which is forwarded by Mr. Prakash Munshi, who
> has asked me for comments.
> In reply to Question NO. 3of Mr. Prakash Munshi
> Do you know what our Honourable Prime Minister says of on radiation from
> Mobile Towers? He has written under his signature that Radiation from
> Mobile Towers has proved killers to the creatures and bees. Do you feel
> that the Honourable Prime Minister’s opinion is false?
> *You have mentioned in your Answer *
> *"Yes, I feel the honourable Prime Minister’s opinion is false because he
> is neither a scientist nor a medical doctor. He has never done any
> experiments on any creatures."*
> So much disrespect to India's PM is not good. I fully agree with  him that
> Radiation from Mobile Towers has proved killers to the creatures and bees.
> You should know that PM has access to all the scientists and medical
> doctors of India.
> There are 4000 scientific papers, which are written by 100's of scientists
> of the world and peer reviewed and published in the best possible journal
> of the world. How can you neglect these papers? I know that there are
> 25,000 papers, which say there is no health hazard or there is no
> conclusive evidence but scientists have found that nearly 75% of these
> papers are funded by industry.
> I have interacted with 100's of people who have developed several health
> problems, such as, headache to cancer.
> I have myself done experiments on rats using electromagnetic radiation and
> noted severe health hazards due to EM radiation.
> IARC classified RF radiation as Possibly Carcinogen (Class 2B) but
> unfortunately WHO classified only Cell Phone as Possibly Carcinogen (Class
> 2B).
> Nearly 200 scientists have urged WHO to classify RF radiation as Probable
> Carcinogen (Class 2A) and even Known Carcinogen (Class 1).
> Even IMC report of Jan. 2011 and Environment Ministry Report of Nov. 2011
> have documented 100's of papers, which show health hazards.
> If you want, I can give you plenty of papers, people who are affected by
> radiation, birds, bees, trees which are getting affected and so on.
> I am copying this email to several others who have interacted with me in
> the past.
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