WTF is wrong with those who taunt Hipolito, and making feni?
What are they doing? Grabbing their crotches and “sarkench” abluting?!

Or, this in chaste Konkani: Nullo dadaitat?! Or would pop’t sound better?

Do let me tell me if assorted gate-keepers (and of course censors) feel
needless chagrin on account of my classic? I have a grip on my lingo. What
do they have in their grip?

On another note: I am available for Goan Festivals abroad. And surely, you
folks have heard of travel and other expenses. Av nottu? It oud be a blastu

—Venantius J Pinto

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> OPENQUOTE After being abroad for almost a decade, Hipolito came back to
> India to do what he loves the most, make Feni. People taunt him, but he
> continues to follow his passion and his love for environment.  Watch to
> find out more. A place where races, religions, languages and cultures merge
> to form a unique melting pot of diversity. A country quickly climbing the
> ranks as a superpower. But what makes India truly incredible? We set on a
> journey to find out. A journey to meet the people who make up the essential
> fabric of the country. People who we see every day, but rarely meet. To
> support us visit:
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