Gabe Menezes wrote:

*:" There were some Goans who lost their lives during the coup."*

This is indeed true and some of my Uncle's friends were among the
unfortunate victims.
What I forgot to mention in my article is how some of the local Africans
given guns and 'forced' to kill. I remember how my Uncle's houseboy never
turned up
for 3 days after the revolution. When he eventually did, he appeared in a
state. When I questioned him, he said that he had been ordered to take part
in several killings
and as proof, showed us some of the l gold ornaments he had snatched from
his victims. He seemed
quite incapable of working as he previously did and fell into a deep sleep
off and on. When
questioned, he said he had not slept for days.

Mervyn Maciel

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