There must be something great about the US that attracts smart people. 
Congratulations to the Nobel prize winners.

There is nothing awkward about welcoming 'Productive' immigrants.

I am a productive immigrant from Goa to the US and America has no issues 
welcoming folks like me. I have never taken any aid - whether from Federal or 
State governments wherever I resided in my 23 years of living in the US. I have 
paid taxes in every year that I lived in this country and I feel good about it.

You may be confusing the good immigrants with the bad - The problem is when you 
have blood suckers sucking the resources (by way of dole, free housing, free 
medical benefits etc ) by the millions, the system undergoes financial strain. 

This is not some bad dream - this is real!


Jim Fernandes
Scarsdale, New York.

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> Things may just have got a little awkward for politicians engaging in 
> anti-immigrant rhetoric on both sides of the Atlantic: all six of 
> America’s 2016 Nobel Prize winners are immigrants...
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