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Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2016 12:14:26 -0400
From: Roland <>
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Subject: [Goanet] The Monika Gurde Murder
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The police have arrested a suspect who has "confessed" to rape and murder.
In Goa this has to be taken with great suspicion.

He was caught from CCTV footage withdrawing money  (Rs 50,000) from the
victim's account with her ATM card.

How did he have her PIN?

"Singh was fascinated with Ghurde since the time they first spoke". See?
This "hassi to phasi" mentality of Indians needs to change. People from
villages and even cities in India think that if a woman talks to them or
smiles while talking, they have given the green signal for mating. Idiots
!!! Poor woman, Monica Gurde, the guy in the guise of 'security officer'
forced himself in to the apartment, threatened her under the knife point he
and committed calculated horrific crime and he was well aware how to get
her ATM PIN Number apart from cash from her purse and that she had a
pass-code for her cell phone. He should be publicly hanged. RIP Gurde.

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